Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cross Training

I don't have a lot of free time and any I do have is taken up with the running so I've started to include some cycling as a sneaky way of keeping my legs ticking over when not running.   Using the bike to commute to and from work allows me to cross train without requiring any extra time.  

This has turned out to be a very mixed but successful week finishing with a 34 Mile run along the Royal Canal from Leixlip to Enfield.  Ran home from work a few times which is 10.5 - 11.5 miles depending on the route I take and also cycled either to or from work a couple of times.

As I'm planning on running the 100K race in Galway at close to 8min30 pace my commuting runs have all been slighty faster at 7min30 pace.  Also included  in my week was 1 Tempo session which was 5 miles at 6min 30 pace and my usual track interval session on Saturday which this week was 5* 800 M (twice around track) at 6min mile pace with Tony.

My Long Run was quite tough and although I didn't really enjoy it because I felt I had to do it, it was without doubt a great confidence booster. My average pace was just under 8:30 pace and when I stopped running I felt like I could have kept going.  It's still way off the race distance but I don't think i'll be running much further than this between now and the race. It's important not to do more than you can recover from.

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