Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wicklow Way Ultra 2013.

I can remember meeting a few friends for a recce of the WWU route back in early January, a 33K out and back starting from Johnnie Fox's and turning before the descent into the Dargle Valley.  On the return leg I felt under pressure and was reduced to a walk by the time we reached Prince William's Seat and thought to myself 'Thank God I'm not racing the WWU'.  On that day I was running with Johnny Steede, Justin Maxwell, Marty Rea & Aidan Blake.
Back then I was preparing for the Siberian Black Ice Race and the training since last October was all event specific and more hiking than running with the effects being very obvious when running in the hills with an experienced crew.  When we finished they mention a similar session again the following month and I thought I'd better be a little bit better prepared by getting back into the hills between now and then.

A week or two after that day out I was over in Norway for some more extreme event specific training and a week of cold weather camping with  race specific skills  and then the bombshell! The Siberian Black Ice Race was cancelled.  I was now left with no race and out of my usual shape but on the plus side I was injury free and stronger even though that also meant heavier.

To get back on track I ran the Donadea 50K (Feb 16th) and suffered but that was the wake up call I needed as I had last year's result to make the comparison.  Met the crew again for another recce in early March and although it wasn't as bad as the first outing it was still tough and I thought to myself that this was even more of a reason to run it and that's when I decided to set my sights on running the WWU.  From that day I took my training into the hills as often as I could and averaged at least one trail run per week of 10K-20K and included a recce of the return leg.

Race day came around very quickly and I'm feeling less than prepared.  Up at 06:15 and had my usual pre race breakfast finished for just after 06:40 and spent the next 30 minutes relaxing and drinking coffee.  My race kit was ready from the night before so there was nothing to create an early morning panic and it was a very relaxing start to the day.  Arrived at the race start an hour before the start and following a quick registration sat in the car to shelter from the rain.  I like to travel light and was half thinking of carrying a pack to store my compulsory kit of a rain jacket, hat & gloves but the warning of snow on high ground meant I could wear the compulsory items and forget about the bag as I didn't expect to need food or fluids for the distance with the cold conditions.

The race started with the first 2Km on road and although I felt comfortable I decided to ease back and slow the pace.  Groups were starting to form as we left the road and started on the Trail and I became part of a group of 3 by the time we got into the snow line and reached the top of Prince William Seat at close to 6Km.  This ended the first climb and so far so good.  I had memories of a short run last weekend over this same section with Dan Doherty and he had reduced me to a walk at this point.  From here the route continued downhill for almost another 6Km with some slight undulation and the low point was reached at the Glencree Valley.  This was a chance to recover from the first climb and prepare for the next.

Shortly after crossing the Glencree River the route starts to climb and takes the race past an aid station in Crone Wood and then the long drag up past Powerscourt Waterfall begins and then ends with a very steep descent into the Dargle Valley.  Dropping into the valley gives very little opportunity for recovery as it's tricky underfoot and there's always tension as you try prevent the falling.  This is at roughly 17K and the next 1-2K bring the race uphill again and in the direction of Djouce and some open mountain.  Once again we enter the snow line and it's over the ankles and hiding potholes and other hazards.

Wet / cold feet are a small price to pay for sure foot placement and rather than run through the unknown I take the easier route by running uphill through the many streams.  It's quite an effort moving in the snow and the slower pace is giving the cold a chance to take hold.  The trail levels out as the race follows the Wicklow Way and traverses alongside Djouce and for a while is sheltered but well worn from the continuous use.  This usually easier sheltered section turns out to be the worst part of the race as we run through pockets of freezing cold bog water hidden and insulated from freeing over with snow.  The only way was to plough through as trying to avoid meant falling and most of the surrounding ground was covered in ice that was hard and sharp enough to cut like briars.

(race photo, owner unknown)

Finishing the traverse at close to 23K we turn sharply left and make our way to the turnaround over what should be an easy section of mostly downhill along a boardwalk of railway sleepers but today the sleepers are iced over and not visible in part making the section quite hazardous. By this time I had lost feeling in my feet but it was no worse than I had experienced before and the rest of my body was feeling ok and it was kind of nice running in these conditions.  On a few occasions I ran off the boardwalk being unable to control my direction or pace and after a few falls decided it best to err on the side of caution and slow down.
Coming down off the mountain I was feeling good but was unsure of my timing and just hoped I'd make it the turnaround before the Trail Race started as getting caught behind this race would cost more time.  With less than 2K to go I was met by Johnny Steede and as predicted he was leading the race.  I continued on and was then met by Paul Tierney and then Justin & Marty.  My frozen feet were making the run along the fire road uncomfortable and I was also starting to overheat and although feeling fine I just wasn't enjoying this part of the race.
(approaching the halfway point)

With less than 200M to go I could see the Trail Runners lined up and ready to go and then they were off! I felt like a fish going against the flow and had to stop and get out of the way.  This was a bit of a downer as I was now at the back of this race and would get caught out on the return.  I lost a few minutes at the turn by running further than necessary and then got going as quickly as I could.  By the time I reached the boardwalk for the return climb I had caught the tail end of the Trail Race and managed to jump forward a few places but as I got further up the line it became for difficult to move forward as it was a long line and the deep snow made it hard to pass.  I tried my best to make up a few spaces before the boardwalk ended and the traverse started but it was more hassle than it was worth.  The return traverse was equally difficult and was more messed up due to the extra volume of traffic and once again my feet were frozen.
The traverse ended and the downhill started with more room available for overtaking but it meant taking a few chances and hoping for the best.  I enjoyed this stretch and it was great making up a few positions and from here on in the route would be as congested or tight.  It wasn't long before I was climbing out of the Dargle Valley again and this was a killer. My progress was very slow but knowing that I've always been reduced to a walk on this climb I didn't mind and that's one of the mental benefits to be had from knowing and checking out the route.

With 34K now complete the descent now started back into the Glencree Valley via Crone Wood and the aid station.  For some reason I decided to make an unnecessary stop at the aid station and drank a mouthful of water and ate half a banana.
(Crone Wood on the return)

Climbing out of the Glencree Valley I walked the climb yet again and then got back into my stride before walking the next climb leading upwards from the Knockree Rd.  I'd expected to walk this and used the opportunity as recovery.  The running started again and followed a short uphill section along a road and that was horrible.  It wasn't very steep but I couldn't wait to get off road again and the road just didn't feel right with the day that was in it.  Next section brought us into Curtlestown Wood and upwards towards Prince William's Seat and the last major climb.  I did my best to stay running and when I felt like walking I just shortened my stride until eventually I had no choice.
The rocky climb to the top helped speed the progress and then I was on my way again.  My mental plan now was continuous movement at a steady pace and try to catch anyone that comes into view.  Having ran the final section a few times I had an idea of what I could and couldn't do and as we left the trail and the rejoined the road I started to push a little bit harder.
There's one last short but very steep climb before the final stretch to the finish starts and I pushed again as I reached this point and maintained the effort at the top.  Crosesed the finish line in 15th place with a time of 5hr28 and feeling less than finished.  Ended the day with 2 pints of Guinness in Johnnie Fox's and already looking forward to next year and giving the race a proper go by being better prepared.
Johnny Steede won the race quite comfortably in a time of 4hr14.55 and now I don't feel as about about that first run we did back in January.

My thanks to the IMRA, the race organisers, race marshals and helpers on the day.
Photos by Action Photography.
Race Results.
My Race by Garmin.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Training Diary 18th-24th March 2013.

Monday Mar 18th. HRV= 72 White.

Mon 18th HRVRace day and a good result after yesterday’s low score and race day stress can also lead to a lower than normal result.  Up at 8:35am and after a relaxing few minutes I had a cup of coffee and went out for a short pre breakfast run to loosen out my legs.  Felt terrible during the run but past experience means that’s a good sign as it’s the body preparing for what’s ahead.  Didn’t have my usual breakfast as I was out of pinhead oats but instead had 2 slices of Gluten Free toast with Almond Butter and more coffee, followed this with a shower and then got ready and departed the house at 10:30.  All my kit was ready to go from the night before and that allows for a stress free start to the day.
We had a good turnout from the club including my two training partners Liam & Aidan and our plan was to run together and all going well would help each other as we do in training.  Today’s race is the County Road Race Championships for Intermediate & Masters and n a race like this there’s a better chance of a Team prize so you need to be strategic as every position counts.  Our plan was to try start at 3:30 K pace and hold it for as long as possible but a congested start and an incline meant a first Km of 3:39 and although the next 2 K were either downhill or flat I think we had already felt the effort at the start so there wasn’t too much time made up.  In hindsight I’m thinking that to try get a position at the start we may have started too fast and possibly closer to 3:00 per K rather than the planned paced and then paid the price on the long incline. It might have made more sense to start a little bit easier and speed up but that’s easier said than done.
John Racing HRV
The next Km (2) split was a slightly faster 3:35 but was aided by a decline and for me it felt more of an effort than it should have .  My training partners were still with me at this point but they too were feeling the effort and started to fall back.  By the time we reached the halfway mark they had fallen off the pace and I was on my own in no man’s land ahead of the mid pack and behind the lead pack.  I hit the 3Km in 3:32 and then began chasing down the tail end of the lead pack that had at least 30 Metres on me.  It started to become more of an effort to stay on pace as the course now climbed gradually for the next 2K and although my HR seemed stable I could feel my legs just didn’t have that zip.  I lost a bit of time and hit the 4Km mark in 3:40 but had also closed the gap on the runners just ahead so my guess is they were falling back and that gave me a slight boost.  It was a looped course so I knew what to soon expect and all I needed to do was stay strong until 5K and then it was almost over as the approach to the finish was relatively flat.  Went through 5K in 3:51 which was also the incline that I’d ran for the first Km and by this time I’d made up about 4 positions and caught one of the faster guys from my club and we dug deep and ran the last K together.  We battled it out and made up one more position and on the final approach to the finish he pulled away and crossed the line about 2 Metres before me but that didn’t matter as we were both on the same team and had done enough to earn a Silver in the Intermediate Team event.  I was first home for my club in the Master’s race helping earn another Silver and to top it off I got Gold in the Master’s 40-44 category.  My finish time was 21:49 with an average pace of 3:38 per Km and my last Km was my fastest at 3:27.  I was happy enough with that as it’s showing a return to where I want to be but it’s still way off what I should be doing.  Finished the day with a 7K steady run on the Track in 28mins.  Heart Rate spiking at start and First Beat error correction gave a HR avg =155 / max=158
Plan for tomorrow is an early gym session, a lunchtime MAF session and a short evening Recovery run.

Tuesday Mar 19th. HRV= 73 White.

Tues 19th HRVBetter than expected.  Early gym session of mostly mobility work and stretching with a shorter than usual set of 3* Walking lunges and then it was 2 minutes of hell on the Airdyne Trainer.  Didn’t have time for a lunchtime run today and bad weather meant my son’s football training was cancelled and with it my evening run opportunity.  First non running day in 26 days but I don’t mind as i was planning on taking it slightly easier this week in advance of the weekend’s race.
Plan for tomorrow is an evening Interval Session with shorter but faster reps than usual.

Wednesday Mar 20th. HRV=68 Amber.

Weds 20th HRVExpected higher after rest and maybe it’s the race catching up on me.  I’ll proceed with caution and stick with the planned intervals as the pace will be much easier than usual.  Session was 6*1K @ 3:45 per K pace and it felt effortless but tomorrow will tell.
Plan for tomorrow will depend on recovery.

Thursday Mar 21st . HRV= 79 White.

Thurs 21st HRVAn improvement and normal service will resume but I’ll be keeping Saturday’s race in mind.  Did my usual pre race session of 6* 1 minute fast / slow with every second rep into the wind and felt strong.  Had a second opportunity to run as athletics was cancelled due to bad weather so I finished the day with an easy 5K on the track.
Plan for tomorrow is rest in advance of race day.

Friday Mar 22nd. HRV=84 White.

Fri 22nd HRVExcellent result and just what I’d want during a Taper.  The weather for tomorrow isn’t great so I’m rethinking my footwear and that got me out for a short run to think on my feet while trying out a pair of Salomon S-lab Fellcross.
Plan for tomorrow is the Wicklow Way Ultra.

Saturday Mar 23rd. HRV= 63 Amber.

Sat 23rd HRVMuch lower than I’d like but I’m putting it down to race day nerves.  Up at 6:15 and had my usual breakfast finished for just after 6:40 and then relaxed for 30 minutes watching TV and drinking coffee. Got a lift to the race that started at 9:30 and was home again at 6pm.  Will post a seperate Race Report but for the moment I finished slower than planned / expected which was partly due to the underfoot conditions and a few moments of self pity.  Finished in 16th position out of 112 finishers in a time of 5hrs28 with a HR avg of 137bpm / max 155bpm.
Plan for tomorrow is a Recovery or Rest day.

Sunday Mar 24th. HRV=52 Red.

Sun 24th HRVUp at 7:15 and felt good to go but when I got out of bed my feet felt slightly numb but that’s not an issue.  Looked out the window and looking like a nice day so it’s so far so good.  Did my HRV test and the almost expected result meant it was back to bed and with a clear conscience as it’s good to get a Red line after a Race or tough session as it show’s you worked.  Feeling ok as the day progressed but starting to feel some pain in my hamstrings & quads and that confirms the wise choice this morning.  Will take it easy for a few days to help with adaption to the recent stresses.

Weekly HRV Summary

Weekly HRV summaryA good week bookended with 2 good races and some quality training that I think will be of benefit as I prepare to get more event specific for my next 24-hr Race.  Next week will be recovery orientated and I’ll reduce the volume but keep some intensity and if I can fit it in I’ll do a Parkrun next Saturday and more than likely I’ll be running a local 10K on Easter Monday and I’d like to be on form for that.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Training Diary 11th – 17th March 2013

Monday Mar 11th. HRV= 78 White

Mon 11th HRVA good start to the week and today will be similar to last week and I’ll skip the lunchtime run to make the most of an evening session of hill repeats.  Met up with some others from my club and did a few easy hill reps taking almost 30 seconds longer per rep with the focus being on leg strength.  Finished off the session on a shorter steeper hill and did 2 hard reps finishing each with a 100M sprint at the top.  Legs burning towards the end
Plan for tomorrow is an early gym session, a lunchtime MAF session and a short evening Recovery run.

Tuesday Mar 12th. HRV= 72 White

Tues 12 HRVBetter than expected.  Early gym session of Back Squat, 5* 5 with 50Kg and I’m going deeper than ever before. Walking Lunges * 3 sets with 10Kg Dumbbells with each set including 20 steps.  Finished off with some easy core work.  Lunchtime MAF session didn’t go as planned as my HR was spiking and I was conscious of possibly going too hard.  It took almost 3K before it dropped from 180bpm down to a more realistic 130bpm for the same pace and then I pushed on to get my HR to around 140bpm.  Legs feeling heavy and I’m now thinking that instead of an evening Recovery run I’ll rest.
Plan for tomorrow is an easy Lunchtime Run and an evening Interval Session similar to last week.

Wednesday Mar 13th. HRV=73 White

Weds 13 HRVExpected slightly higher after half a rest day yesterday but probably over did the food last night.  My weight is slightly up and I can feel the DOMS.  My lunchtime run became a shorter easier Recovery Run and even that was an effort and I decided to cut it short at just over 6K.  Not looking forward to this evening’s session but that’s not a good enough reason not to do it.  Made the effort to refuel in advance of my evening Intervals and had the pre training Beet-it Shot on the train journey home before a quick turnaround and a drive to the track.  It was only when I started the warm up that I realised how beneficial the running to the track warm up is as it means less track time and can make the session seem shorter.  Met the gang and we agreed on a session of 5*1500M with 2 min recovery at a pace of 3:30-3:35 per K.  20 minute warm up and then it started.  Session went as planned and only missed the splits by 1-2 seconds and finished wondering if the recovery was too long or the reps were too short.
I’ve been asked to run in a 6K Road Race next Monday which is also the County Championships as part of a Masters Team.  Not sure if I’m Race ready and I can’t afford to Taper for a race of lesser importance but I’m thinking that it may help in advance of the Trail Ultra next Saturday.
Plan for tomorrow will depend on my recovery but includes an early Gym session.

Thursday Mar 14th. HRV= 83 White

Thurs 14 HRVA great result after last night’s effort and I feel like I could do it all over again but still feeling the DOMS.  Early Gym session and it’s 5*3 Power Clean with the last set @ 47.5Kg and I could feel it.  Finished off with a core circuit of 20Kg Kettlebell swings, hanging leg raises and standing shoulder press *3 sets and 3 rotations of Plank.  Went out at lunchtime with the intention of running a 10K but knew when leaving the office that it wasn’t going to happen.  Yet again my legs were feeling stiff and it’s probably a combination of the past few days plus this morning.  Changed to a recovery run and was pleasantly surprised at my HR relative to the pace.  I’m coaching this evening but might get an opportunity for a second recovery run.  Finished the day with a very easy Recovery Run of 5K in 30 minutes keeping someone company and this was perfect as I didn’t need to concentrate on HR or pace and all I had to do was run.
Plan for tomorrow is undecided but might do something short and fast to start breaking in a new pair of Running Shoes..

Friday Mar 15th. HRV=81 White

Fri 15 HRVGreat result and legs feeling refreshed which is probably down to the disciplined recovery run last night and that tells me that my recovery runs might sometimes be too fast and the recovery runs do work.    Lunchtime session of 6*1 minute fast as I’m stuck for time, decided against trying the new shoes just yet (Saucony Kinvara) and the session went better than expected.  Will try for a second session later and if it happens I’ll go for a steady state run with the effort dependent on my available time and keeping Monday’s race in mind.  Personally the Trail Ultra next weekend is a more important race but the club comes first and I need to be on form for Monday.
Managed to fit in a short steady state run on the track and settled for 7K with my HR between 140-155bpm
Plan for tomorrow is a short trail run.

Saturday Mar 16th. HRV= 80 White

Sat 16 HRVGreat result but legs feeling stiff and heavy and I’m thinking that a short but fast Interval session would be a better choice for today but plans have been made so it’s off to the mountains.  Early start and met with two friends to run the start section of the Wicklow Way Ultra.  Felt good at the start and was happy with how comfortable the pace felt but shortly after the climbing started I could feel the effort and was soon reduced to a walk.  I told the other guys to go on ahead and I’d follow but unfortunately they held back so I’d no option but to get going again.  I took it slow and steady and as the terrain started to level out I got going again and it almost felt like a second wind but I knew I’d struggle again if the climbing was to start again.  I think it’s time now to Taper the climbing muscles and I’ll forget about the Trail race until after Monday.
Plan for tomorrow is an easy social club run to mark St Patrick’s Day.

Sunday Mar 17th. HRV=63 Amber

Sun 17 HRVDidn’t expect such a low score as yesterday was an easy day even if I did suffer on the climbs as I was cautious not to over cook.  I did have 2 bottles of beer last night and I expect the alcohol could be the cause of the low score.  I’m not too concerned as this mornings run will be at recovery pace and I woke before the alarm so I’m well rested.  Just as I was leaving the house it started to snow and that meant a quick change of clothing and then it was off for a freezing cold 14K and if it wasn’t for the pre planned session I probably wouldn’t have ran today.
Plan for tomorrow is a 6K race and my plan is to run 3:30 per K and hold it for as long as possible.

Weekly HRV Summary

Weekly HRVAll in all a good week but would have been happier with a better run on Saturday and a higher HRV on Sunday.  On the plus side my Interval session went very well on Wednesday and overall for this week my HRV scores were quite high.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Training Diary Monday 04th-Sunday 10th March 2013

Monday Mar 04th. HRV= 56 Amber.

Mon 4th HRVAn expected result but didn’t expect it to be so low as I didn’t think I worked hard enough yesterday and I’m now glad I didn’t do a second session. Will skip the lunchtime session to make the most of this evening.  Met with some club mates and did an easy session of hill repeats totalling 11K in an hour and alternating between a short sharp hill and a longer gradual climb.
Plan for tomorrow is an early gym session and a lunchtime MAF session if I feel up to it.

Tuesday Mar 05th. HRV=79 Green.

Tues 5th HRVA great result and I’m back in the game.  Early gym session of Back Squat, 5* 5 with 45Kg working on depth and technique. Walking Lunges * 3 sets with 10Kg Dumbbells and 3*3 Deadlift with 95Kg, 100Kg, 105Kg.  Still lifting less than before but I’m feeling more confident in the movement and can feel the strength returning.  Lunchtime recovery run and could feel the cumulative fatigue in my legs and it was too much of an effort to elevate my heart rate so I dropped it down a gear.   Evening Recovery run over an undulating course keeping the HR low.
Plan for tomorrow is an easy Lunchtime Run and an evening Interval Session similar to last week.

Wednesday Mar 06th. HRV=67 White.

Weds 6th HRVSame as last week and woke with the DOMS and remembering how I felt last week after consulting my diary I think I’ll skip the lunchtime run and be even better prepared for this evening’s session with the intention of working harder.  Evening Interval session was almost abandoned for something easier as I struggled to get my legs moving.  For the past few weeks I’ve ran this with 2 club mates but tonight it was just 1 and we were both feeling the effects of the last few days.  The plan was 7* 1K @ 3:30 per k with 55 seconds recovery which is a rep more than last week with 5 seconds less recovery.  We finished the 1st rep in 3:40 after picking up the pace towards the effort felt closer to 3:20 pace and we both knew that that this was unsustainable.  The 2nd rep felt a little bit easier but still an effort and then Liam arrived looking fresh as a daisy so we got him to lead out the next 5 reps and we were then able to switch off and just follow.
Plan for tomorrow will depend on my recovery but includes an early Gym session.

Thursday Mar 07th. HRV= 70 White.

Thurs 7th HRVA great result after last night’s effort but still feeling the training effect and I’m carrying some fatigue.  Early Gym session and my Trainer changed the routine to allow recover from Tuesday’s session.  Bench Press working up to a 1 rep max of 60Kg, 5* 5 Push Press with 32.5Kg and finishing with a Core / Abdominal Routine.  Felt good during the session but was glad when it finished.
Plan for tomorrow is Hill Reps or MAF session.

Friday Mar 08th. HRV=67 White.

Fri 8th HRVLower than expected but I am feeling a bit fatigued and it’s possible that the last few days have caught up on me and that changes today, will skip my lunchtime run and save myself for an easy running commute home.  Plan changed again and the run home is cancelled so I went for a Recovery run at lunchtime.  Keeping my HR nice and low and it wasn’t long before my legs came back to life.  Ran slightly longer than planned as the pace allowed more for my available time and was quite happy with the result.  Shortly after finishing my legs started to stiffen up again.  A window of opportunity allowed for a sneaky evening Track session and went for a 3* 2K Intervals off 2 min Recovery.  Tough session but worth the effort and finished it off with a trip to the supermarket.
Plan for tomorrow is undecided and will depend on available time and recovery.

Saturday Mar 09th. HRV= 80 White.

Sat 9th HRVGreat result but legs feeling stiff so the plan now is to train my engine with a steady state run before breakfast and train my chasis with a short fast Trail Run in the afternoon.  I’d have secretly preferred a lower score that would have allowed going back to bed but I knew that if I went back to bed without a good enough reason I wouldn’t have gone back to sleep.  The softest pillow is a clear conscience.  Took a few minutes to warm into my first session and eased into a comfortable pace covering 10K in just over 40 minutes.  Dropped my daughter to her afternoon training session and continued on to my now regular hill run.  Started off at a steady effort with the gradient dictating the pace.  Visibility was poor and this made the session a little bit easier as I couldn’t see too far ahead and even though I’m familiar with the route it can be easy to trick the mind when you can’t see what’s ahead.  Legs were feeling strong and I was all set for emptying the tank on the final climb to the summit but hooked up with another runner that seemed to be struggling and walking.  We ran together at an easier pace and said our goodbyes when the climbing finished and then I met one of my Team Mates 'Eoin Keith' and had a 5 minute stop and chat.  I was now under pressure to get back to the car and picked up the pace on the descent running quite hard and could really feel the effort I’d put in as I approached the finish.  All in all a good day’s work.
Plan for tomorrow is a Trail run along the Wicklow Way with an early start.

Sunday Mar 10th. HRV=86 White.

Sun 10th HRVExpected a low score and sore legs but all is good and looking forward to a good day.  Woke at 7am and had a Beet it Shot before getting out of bed, followed this with my HRV measuring routine and then a cup of coffee before leaving the house at 8am.  Drove to a location that would allow maximum climbing for the least possible distance / time.  The weather was quite cold and I expected it to get colder so I dressed a bit better than usual and carried a small pack.  Based on my HRV my ever changing plan was to run at a HR just above my Aerobic Zone to get the most from what could be my last chance to run in the hills before the Wicklow Way Ultra.  The plan soon changed after the running started as I struggled to get my legs moving.  I expected to finish the day with an average pace of faster than 5:30 per K but had to settle for almost a minute slower.  An ok run on tired legs.
Plan for tomorrow is a set of hill reps as a single session.

Weekly HRV Summary

March week 1 HRV
A good week with some quality sessions and HRV results show that my training is productive.  Maximising Performance by Monitoring Progress.