Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Training Diary 11th – 17th March 2013

Monday Mar 11th. HRV= 78 White

Mon 11th HRVA good start to the week and today will be similar to last week and I’ll skip the lunchtime run to make the most of an evening session of hill repeats.  Met up with some others from my club and did a few easy hill reps taking almost 30 seconds longer per rep with the focus being on leg strength.  Finished off the session on a shorter steeper hill and did 2 hard reps finishing each with a 100M sprint at the top.  Legs burning towards the end
Plan for tomorrow is an early gym session, a lunchtime MAF session and a short evening Recovery run.

Tuesday Mar 12th. HRV= 72 White

Tues 12 HRVBetter than expected.  Early gym session of Back Squat, 5* 5 with 50Kg and I’m going deeper than ever before. Walking Lunges * 3 sets with 10Kg Dumbbells with each set including 20 steps.  Finished off with some easy core work.  Lunchtime MAF session didn’t go as planned as my HR was spiking and I was conscious of possibly going too hard.  It took almost 3K before it dropped from 180bpm down to a more realistic 130bpm for the same pace and then I pushed on to get my HR to around 140bpm.  Legs feeling heavy and I’m now thinking that instead of an evening Recovery run I’ll rest.
Plan for tomorrow is an easy Lunchtime Run and an evening Interval Session similar to last week.

Wednesday Mar 13th. HRV=73 White

Weds 13 HRVExpected slightly higher after half a rest day yesterday but probably over did the food last night.  My weight is slightly up and I can feel the DOMS.  My lunchtime run became a shorter easier Recovery Run and even that was an effort and I decided to cut it short at just over 6K.  Not looking forward to this evening’s session but that’s not a good enough reason not to do it.  Made the effort to refuel in advance of my evening Intervals and had the pre training Beet-it Shot on the train journey home before a quick turnaround and a drive to the track.  It was only when I started the warm up that I realised how beneficial the running to the track warm up is as it means less track time and can make the session seem shorter.  Met the gang and we agreed on a session of 5*1500M with 2 min recovery at a pace of 3:30-3:35 per K.  20 minute warm up and then it started.  Session went as planned and only missed the splits by 1-2 seconds and finished wondering if the recovery was too long or the reps were too short.
I’ve been asked to run in a 6K Road Race next Monday which is also the County Championships as part of a Masters Team.  Not sure if I’m Race ready and I can’t afford to Taper for a race of lesser importance but I’m thinking that it may help in advance of the Trail Ultra next Saturday.
Plan for tomorrow will depend on my recovery but includes an early Gym session.

Thursday Mar 14th. HRV= 83 White

Thurs 14 HRVA great result after last night’s effort and I feel like I could do it all over again but still feeling the DOMS.  Early Gym session and it’s 5*3 Power Clean with the last set @ 47.5Kg and I could feel it.  Finished off with a core circuit of 20Kg Kettlebell swings, hanging leg raises and standing shoulder press *3 sets and 3 rotations of Plank.  Went out at lunchtime with the intention of running a 10K but knew when leaving the office that it wasn’t going to happen.  Yet again my legs were feeling stiff and it’s probably a combination of the past few days plus this morning.  Changed to a recovery run and was pleasantly surprised at my HR relative to the pace.  I’m coaching this evening but might get an opportunity for a second recovery run.  Finished the day with a very easy Recovery Run of 5K in 30 minutes keeping someone company and this was perfect as I didn’t need to concentrate on HR or pace and all I had to do was run.
Plan for tomorrow is undecided but might do something short and fast to start breaking in a new pair of Running Shoes..

Friday Mar 15th. HRV=81 White

Fri 15 HRVGreat result and legs feeling refreshed which is probably down to the disciplined recovery run last night and that tells me that my recovery runs might sometimes be too fast and the recovery runs do work.    Lunchtime session of 6*1 minute fast as I’m stuck for time, decided against trying the new shoes just yet (Saucony Kinvara) and the session went better than expected.  Will try for a second session later and if it happens I’ll go for a steady state run with the effort dependent on my available time and keeping Monday’s race in mind.  Personally the Trail Ultra next weekend is a more important race but the club comes first and I need to be on form for Monday.
Managed to fit in a short steady state run on the track and settled for 7K with my HR between 140-155bpm
Plan for tomorrow is a short trail run.

Saturday Mar 16th. HRV= 80 White

Sat 16 HRVGreat result but legs feeling stiff and heavy and I’m thinking that a short but fast Interval session would be a better choice for today but plans have been made so it’s off to the mountains.  Early start and met with two friends to run the start section of the Wicklow Way Ultra.  Felt good at the start and was happy with how comfortable the pace felt but shortly after the climbing started I could feel the effort and was soon reduced to a walk.  I told the other guys to go on ahead and I’d follow but unfortunately they held back so I’d no option but to get going again.  I took it slow and steady and as the terrain started to level out I got going again and it almost felt like a second wind but I knew I’d struggle again if the climbing was to start again.  I think it’s time now to Taper the climbing muscles and I’ll forget about the Trail race until after Monday.
Plan for tomorrow is an easy social club run to mark St Patrick’s Day.

Sunday Mar 17th. HRV=63 Amber

Sun 17 HRVDidn’t expect such a low score as yesterday was an easy day even if I did suffer on the climbs as I was cautious not to over cook.  I did have 2 bottles of beer last night and I expect the alcohol could be the cause of the low score.  I’m not too concerned as this mornings run will be at recovery pace and I woke before the alarm so I’m well rested.  Just as I was leaving the house it started to snow and that meant a quick change of clothing and then it was off for a freezing cold 14K and if it wasn’t for the pre planned session I probably wouldn’t have ran today.
Plan for tomorrow is a 6K race and my plan is to run 3:30 per K and hold it for as long as possible.

Weekly HRV Summary

Weekly HRVAll in all a good week but would have been happier with a better run on Saturday and a higher HRV on Sunday.  On the plus side my Interval session went very well on Wednesday and overall for this week my HRV scores were quite high.

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