Monday, July 23, 2012

Action on Film, International Film Festival 2012

Lateral Vision Productions Feature Documentary "Defining Moment" is an Official Selection at the Prestigious Action on Film International Film Festival in Los Angeles, California, 17th - 25th August 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Post Race Recovery. Energia 24 hr 2012.

My race didn't entirely go to plan but on the plus side I still got a result and recovery is a lot quicker.  My goal distance was 240K and I felt well capable of running same but a problem beyond my control meant changing my game plan from pacing to racing.
I travelled to the venue with my team mate and training partner Eoin Keith and we were both looking forward to a long and tactical race and joked about it during the journey.  Eoin started at his usual steady pace and I settled in behind and then beside for the first 3 laps but when making a lap timed calculation I knew we were well slower than 240K pace so I decided to take the lead.  With less than an hour gone I felt a painful urge to use the toilet and thats how my race continued.  I was forced to stop every 3rd lap and it wasn't long before I had to accept the fact that my 240K goal was unachievable.  Eoin had a problem with his stomach and was pulled from the race and that had me worried as I knew there was a chance that the same might happen me. The race director had noticed I was having problems but I assured him it was manageable and I was making sure to balance my intake of fluids with what I was loosing.  With Eoin gone there was less pressure and I wasn't too worried about slowing and did just enough to stay ahead and not put my body under any unnecessary extra stress.
With the race over I had a shower and put on my recovery leggings before heading off on the journey back to Leixlip.  I spent the next day wearing the recovery leggings and it was back to work on Monday.  I managed to get an appointment with the Physio in No 17 for Tuesday morning and the damage was assessed.  I was told that apart from some swelling around my left knee there was nothing to suggest that I'd ran for 24 hours and it shouldn't be too long before I'd be back running.  Finished the day with an Epsom salts bath and on Wednesday I went for a 3K run and all felt good but I didn't push my luck.  Had a follow up session with the Physio on Thursday morning and was able for some deep tissue massage and got the all clear to start back running so I finished the day with 5K.
Friday I did 10K, Saturday was the same and today Sunday I went for a 14K trail run with the terrain dictating the pace and I'm happy to report that everything feels like it's back to normal.
Tomorrow it starts all over again....

Race Report.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Energia 24 hour race & Irish 24 hour Championships 2012

Successfully defended my title having won the Energia 24 hour Irish Championships in Bangor at the weekend.  Still a bit tired after the race and will try put a race report together shortly.

There's a good selection of race photos available from Peter Mooney and race results are available from Precision Timing.