Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow Miles better than No Miles.

The snow started to fall on new year's eve and for the last 11 days conditions for running have been far from ideal.  It's been a combination of ice and snow with the footpaths and roads extremely slippy but luckily enough I'm not too far from the Royal Canal so there was no excuse not to run.  The pace was slower and planned distance per run slightly less but like I say Snow miles are better than no miles and for the moment I'm just doing what I can and keeping the engine ticking over so i'll be ready for the thaw.  No point is worrying about what I can't change and I'm sure the slower miles will serve me well when the serious training starts.
Days Run since Jan 01st: 11
Miles Run since Jan 01st: 98

Friday, January 1, 2010

The year in review

A year's supply of Running Shoes

2009 was quite a busy year with a mixed selection of races ranging from the Empire State Building Run Up which lasted less than 15 minutes to the 24-Hour Track Race in Tooting Bec, London which lasted surprisingly enough 24 hours.
Since January 2009 I've ran close to 2500 Miles / 4000 Km give or take a mile or two and I've gone through 5 pairs of Saucony Pro Grid Guide Running Shoes.

My main event for this year "The North Face 100K" was also my most disappointing in terms of result as it was the last of my 7 Continents Races and I expected a better finish but suffered with an ITB problem.

An unplanned race turned out to be my surprise performance and was the result of a brief conversation with Eoin Keith.  I was in training for a sub 3hr Marathon attempt in Dublin but ended up running in a 24-Hour Track Race and exceeded my goals and expectations.  Prior to the race I was aware of the distance required to be eligible for selection to the Irish Team for similar events at an international level and I managed to reach the required standard with 21 Metres to spare.

There were also some stressful times and in August I was diagnosed with Over Training Syndrome.  In hindsight I think it was more a case of not recovering fully after each session and I've since sorted that out.
Earlier in the year I was having some trouble with my IT band and I'm thinking that this was partly to do with the variety of races and event specific training sessions I was doing in advance of each different race.  Yet again I know what the problem was and it won't happen again....

And just as the year was about to end I got an email from the Chairman of Ultra Running Ireland to say I'd been selected for the Irish Team to compete in the 24-Hour World Challenge & European Championships in May 2010.

January: Training
February: The Empire State Building Run Up, New York.
March: Celtic 100K, Galway.
April: 8 minute mile Pacer for the London Marathon.
May: The North Face 100K, Australia.
June: Training & Short Road Races.
July: Training & Short Road Races.
August: Mobile Marathon Relay from Galway to Dublin.  Over Training.
September: Dingle half Marathon.
October: 24-Hour Track Race.
November: Recovery
December: Recovery & Easy Running.