Monday, March 11, 2013

Training Diary Monday 04th-Sunday 10th March 2013

Monday Mar 04th. HRV= 56 Amber.

Mon 4th HRVAn expected result but didn’t expect it to be so low as I didn’t think I worked hard enough yesterday and I’m now glad I didn’t do a second session. Will skip the lunchtime session to make the most of this evening.  Met with some club mates and did an easy session of hill repeats totalling 11K in an hour and alternating between a short sharp hill and a longer gradual climb.
Plan for tomorrow is an early gym session and a lunchtime MAF session if I feel up to it.

Tuesday Mar 05th. HRV=79 Green.

Tues 5th HRVA great result and I’m back in the game.  Early gym session of Back Squat, 5* 5 with 45Kg working on depth and technique. Walking Lunges * 3 sets with 10Kg Dumbbells and 3*3 Deadlift with 95Kg, 100Kg, 105Kg.  Still lifting less than before but I’m feeling more confident in the movement and can feel the strength returning.  Lunchtime recovery run and could feel the cumulative fatigue in my legs and it was too much of an effort to elevate my heart rate so I dropped it down a gear.   Evening Recovery run over an undulating course keeping the HR low.
Plan for tomorrow is an easy Lunchtime Run and an evening Interval Session similar to last week.

Wednesday Mar 06th. HRV=67 White.

Weds 6th HRVSame as last week and woke with the DOMS and remembering how I felt last week after consulting my diary I think I’ll skip the lunchtime run and be even better prepared for this evening’s session with the intention of working harder.  Evening Interval session was almost abandoned for something easier as I struggled to get my legs moving.  For the past few weeks I’ve ran this with 2 club mates but tonight it was just 1 and we were both feeling the effects of the last few days.  The plan was 7* 1K @ 3:30 per k with 55 seconds recovery which is a rep more than last week with 5 seconds less recovery.  We finished the 1st rep in 3:40 after picking up the pace towards the effort felt closer to 3:20 pace and we both knew that that this was unsustainable.  The 2nd rep felt a little bit easier but still an effort and then Liam arrived looking fresh as a daisy so we got him to lead out the next 5 reps and we were then able to switch off and just follow.
Plan for tomorrow will depend on my recovery but includes an early Gym session.

Thursday Mar 07th. HRV= 70 White.

Thurs 7th HRVA great result after last night’s effort but still feeling the training effect and I’m carrying some fatigue.  Early Gym session and my Trainer changed the routine to allow recover from Tuesday’s session.  Bench Press working up to a 1 rep max of 60Kg, 5* 5 Push Press with 32.5Kg and finishing with a Core / Abdominal Routine.  Felt good during the session but was glad when it finished.
Plan for tomorrow is Hill Reps or MAF session.

Friday Mar 08th. HRV=67 White.

Fri 8th HRVLower than expected but I am feeling a bit fatigued and it’s possible that the last few days have caught up on me and that changes today, will skip my lunchtime run and save myself for an easy running commute home.  Plan changed again and the run home is cancelled so I went for a Recovery run at lunchtime.  Keeping my HR nice and low and it wasn’t long before my legs came back to life.  Ran slightly longer than planned as the pace allowed more for my available time and was quite happy with the result.  Shortly after finishing my legs started to stiffen up again.  A window of opportunity allowed for a sneaky evening Track session and went for a 3* 2K Intervals off 2 min Recovery.  Tough session but worth the effort and finished it off with a trip to the supermarket.
Plan for tomorrow is undecided and will depend on available time and recovery.

Saturday Mar 09th. HRV= 80 White.

Sat 9th HRVGreat result but legs feeling stiff so the plan now is to train my engine with a steady state run before breakfast and train my chasis with a short fast Trail Run in the afternoon.  I’d have secretly preferred a lower score that would have allowed going back to bed but I knew that if I went back to bed without a good enough reason I wouldn’t have gone back to sleep.  The softest pillow is a clear conscience.  Took a few minutes to warm into my first session and eased into a comfortable pace covering 10K in just over 40 minutes.  Dropped my daughter to her afternoon training session and continued on to my now regular hill run.  Started off at a steady effort with the gradient dictating the pace.  Visibility was poor and this made the session a little bit easier as I couldn’t see too far ahead and even though I’m familiar with the route it can be easy to trick the mind when you can’t see what’s ahead.  Legs were feeling strong and I was all set for emptying the tank on the final climb to the summit but hooked up with another runner that seemed to be struggling and walking.  We ran together at an easier pace and said our goodbyes when the climbing finished and then I met one of my Team Mates 'Eoin Keith' and had a 5 minute stop and chat.  I was now under pressure to get back to the car and picked up the pace on the descent running quite hard and could really feel the effort I’d put in as I approached the finish.  All in all a good day’s work.
Plan for tomorrow is a Trail run along the Wicklow Way with an early start.

Sunday Mar 10th. HRV=86 White.

Sun 10th HRVExpected a low score and sore legs but all is good and looking forward to a good day.  Woke at 7am and had a Beet it Shot before getting out of bed, followed this with my HRV measuring routine and then a cup of coffee before leaving the house at 8am.  Drove to a location that would allow maximum climbing for the least possible distance / time.  The weather was quite cold and I expected it to get colder so I dressed a bit better than usual and carried a small pack.  Based on my HRV my ever changing plan was to run at a HR just above my Aerobic Zone to get the most from what could be my last chance to run in the hills before the Wicklow Way Ultra.  The plan soon changed after the running started as I struggled to get my legs moving.  I expected to finish the day with an average pace of faster than 5:30 per K but had to settle for almost a minute slower.  An ok run on tired legs.
Plan for tomorrow is a set of hill reps as a single session.

Weekly HRV Summary

March week 1 HRV
A good week with some quality sessions and HRV results show that my training is productive.  Maximising Performance by Monitoring Progress.

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