Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Almost there.

Finished my last training run this evening which was an easy 5 miles at an average pace of 8:30 min miles with Tony and now it's time to relax and wait for the big day. All my kit is packed and ready to go including my race day breakfast and recovery meal for after the race.

My plan for race day is based on heart rate and pace from a selection of runs over the past few weeks and my fuelling strategy was also worked out during some of my long runs. Running at a 7:30 mile my HR norm when fully hydrated usualy levels out at between 140-145bpm which is just under 80% of my HR max. As time goes on (3hrs+) my Hr starts to increase so my plan is to keep within the same HR zone which will mean slowing down.
To stay in control of the situation I plan on changing pace before I need to and that way I won't be giving in to self pity. So here's the plan:
0-20K: 7:30 min mile
20K-40K: 7:45min mile
40K-60K: 8:00min mile
60K-80K: 8:15min mile
80K-Finish: 8:30 min mile or if everything goes to plan and the bullets are in the legs I will run faster.

My goals are:
1. Maintain a steady pace.
2.Finish in under 9hrs.
3.Finish in under 10hr29min

I plan on drinking 500 -750Ml per hour and will start drinking after the first hour. How do I work out my hydration needs? I regularly weigh myself without clothes before a run taking my weight in Kgs and weigh myself again after running and the difference in weight loss gives you an idea of your fluid requirements. I use Kgs because 1 Kg = 1L of water and would run for a definite period of time such as 1 or 2 hours as this makes the calculations easy. If you drink anything during the run this must be factored into your calculations. It's important to take your weight without clothing as moisture will be trapped in shorts and Tshirt making your clothes heavy and giving an inaccurate result.

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