Saturday, March 7, 2009


She'll never know!
I did my usual track interval session today but it was without Tony as he's racing tomorrow.  My normal pre race routine involves what I call a pre race sharpener the day before the race just to keep my legs ticking over.  Before the All Ireland Masters Cross Country I got a call from Tony and he said 'Lisa doesn't advise running the day before a race!'.   I'm not sure what way the conversation went but one of us said 'She'll never know!'.  So we met as usual on the track and did a very short but fast session which left us feeling "prepared" for the race which was the following day.
On race day Lisa came along to give us some support during the run and cheered us on each time we passed.  At the finish I met Tony and said 'Did you see Lisa and wasn't it great to have some support', he replied 'I did and she knows we were training yesterday!!!  Maybe that's why Tony didn't turn up today.

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