Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Almost a Taper

To make up for missing my Long run on Sunday I extended my run home from work on Monday.  I took a slight detour which added 4 miles before stopping off at home to ditch my bag and pick up a bottle of a carb drink which I had prepared for Sunday morning.  I then met up with Tony and he ran with me for 4 miles taking me away from my house and up a hill.  He then left me on a flat section of foot path which went on for 1.5 miles and for the next 1 hour I ran back and forward in the rain keeping an eye on my pace rather than heart rate as I need to make the effort to run slower than my default pace.  23 miles later I arrived home cold and wet but happy knowing that I'd got a semi long run done, it was shorter than planned but I finished knowing I could have kept going and it was certainly better than nothing.  From here on in I won't be doing any speed work, my long runs will shorten and my calorie intake will increase.  
 I'll explain in a later post how I'll combine the pace and heart rate for the Ultra and why I'm concentrating on pace for my long runs at the moment.

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