Sunday, March 22, 2009

Well done Tony!

I didn't race today due to other commitments but Tony was there to represent the club and finished in a very respectable 4th position so it's well done Tony.
My training has been a bit hit and miss since last week because of a stomach bug I picked up last Wednesday.  It's a far from ideal situation but I suppose I'm lucky that it happened 2 weeks before the race rather than during race week as I'm only now starting to recover and there's no way I could have ran the 100K yesterday.  
Yesterday (Saturday) I did a short but intense track session to make amends for the number of training days I've missed and it took a lot of effort to keep going.  
The session was 5 miles with a 1 mile warm up and cool down and 3* 1 mile efforts at 6:15 pace.
Today I went for an easy 10 miles at my planned race pace of between 8 min - 7:30 min mile using my Garmin 305 to stay on target.

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