Sunday, February 22, 2009

A new week.

It feels like I've recovered from my calf / shin injury which was basically a tight calf muscle causing the shin pain.  My aim now is to remain injury free for the next few weeks and pay a bit more attention to my stretching.  I ran just short of 26 miles yesterday without any cause for concern and in the 2 previous days I ran a 6 miler at a steady pace on the Track with Tony and an easy 11 miler on Friday.  My injury had me out of action for 3 days and it's hard to believe that I could hardly walk with the pain last Tuesday.  Having had similar problems before I wasn't too worried and rather than panic I spent every free moment massaging the affected area.  If I was on schedule I would have ran 32-35 miles yesterday but the event is too close to take a chance on running that sort of distance just after an injury.  I think it's best to be at the starting line slightly undertrained and injury free than taking a chance by over doing it in training. 
How do I know I ran just short of 26 miles? For my long runs I use a Garmin Forerunner which takes the guess work out of distance and pacing.

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