Sunday, February 8, 2009

Empire State Building Run Up

Apart from the Run Up this has been a very quiet week and my mileage is way down! I went for a run yesterday with Tony and i struggled to cover 6 miles at a Steady Pace in almost ideal conditions. Finished the day with a late night and a free bar (Mark Pollock on Tubridy Tonight) so that didn't leave me in good condition for a long run today. I did manage to get up early but ended up going back to bed as it was snowing heavy outside. Hopefully next week will see me back in action and close to schedule for the 100K in Galway next month.


  1. Great to see you on Saturday night John. Thank you for all the support you have given Mark over the years and in the run up to the South Pole Race - as an athlete, a guide and a chum. x Simone. Mark says - well done on the Empire State Building race.

  2. Well done John, best of luck in your forthcoming 100k in Galway