Monday, February 16, 2009

All Ireland Masters Cross Country Championships 2009

When I finished the Empire State Building Run Up I sent a message to Tony with my result and his reply was 'We've been selected to run on the Kildare Team for the All Ireland Masters Cross Country Championships'.  It's great having a race to look forward to but the short fast races are not ideal preparation for an Ultra which is only 4o days away!  Running in the Cross Country meant missing another long run so how could I work it to my advantage?  Ideally I should be running at an easy pace for at least 3 hrs at this stage but this race which is only 7K should be over in less than 30 mins and its at a much harder pace.  The race took a lot out of me and I was fairly drained at the end with my legs feeling very heavy and tired as they usually would after a cross country effort but rather than rest and recover I ran home as planned.  The run home was less than 15 miles and I struggled to keep going having to take many walk breaks.  It was just what I needed and will simulate the feeling I can expect at around the 70K mark in the Ultra when my glycogen stores are depleted.   
That's Tony Brennan in the picture above.

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