Sunday, September 5, 2010

Peak Week. Day 7

Distance = 48.5K
Pace avg = 5:50 per K.
Hr avg = 126 bpm
Ascent = 1074 M

Total distance for week = 174K

Saying goodbye to Des after 15K
A good end to the week with a run from Leixlip to beyond 2 Rock mountain via Ballyboden Rd. It was quite a tough session made all the easier with the help of my pacers from the Wednesday night crew. Des met me at 7am to run the first 15K and he stayed me up to the junction of the Kylemore Rd & Naas Rd before turning for home. This left me with a solo 10K before meeting up with Tony & Brendan for the mountain section.
Tony & Brendan on the approach to 2 Rock.

 I had left a drop bag with Brendan which included a change of running shoes and my fuel belt so I could test out my fuelling strategy for Greece. A quick stop and change and we were off again. The pace didn't seem to be any slower than on previous occasions and my heart rate was staying well within my easy zone so the signs were good.

From the moment I left my house the sky was looking very dark and all the time I was waiting for it to rain and when we started on the mountain section visibility was very poor and I was just hoping that bad weather wouldn't be the reason for cutting the run short. Luckily the rain held off and although tough we managed to reach 2 Rock and continue on for another Kilometre before turning to retrace our steps. Getting back to the car I had covered 48K and so ends the training. Tomorrow the taper starts and on Tuesday I have a well overdue day off.

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