Monday, September 20, 2010

Acclimatising Day 2.

No run today as I just didn't have the time with all the driving and route familiarisation. Continued on from where we left off yesterday but also got caught up in a traffic jam caused by a truck drivers strike which meant a long time in the car before rejoining the route. The route today was quite hard to find as we travelled the winding back roads and tried to match up route descriptions with what was on the ground. Finished the day at the starting point of the mountain stage which again was hard to find but that will all change on race day when the race markings are all laid out. Must admit it's seeming a lot tougher than I imagined and the daytime temperatures of 30C + won't make it any easier.
Jarlath arrived today and tomorrow we might take in a running tour of the city after we check out the route beyond the mountain stage.

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