Friday, September 17, 2010

An Easy Week

Distance for week=30K
Average Pace = 5:15 min per K
HR zone = 120-130bpm
Avg HR = 123bpm

I had planned on doing a little bit more than I managed for this week but the usual last minute preparations meant missing a few sessions but that's life. Monday was an assisted stretching session with John Belton and Jarlath got some tips on how to stretch my quads and hamstring during the race and this meant a rest day. Tuesday I had some last minute shopping in the Great Outdoors to stock up on Nuun and Powerbars which meant another rest day. The rest of the week went ok with a short easy run on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for a total of 30K.

Tonight I finish off my packing in advance of the flight tomorrow afternoon and if I manage to wake up early enough I might head out for a short easy run. I won't set the alarm for an early start and will only head out if I wake up early and naturally as I think the sleep is just as important at this stage and the run won't make me any fitter but it will help with a good start to the day.

Here's a brief update on my totals since January 01st.

Distance = 4000K
Average pace = 5:15 per K
Rest / Recovery days = 44
Longest Running Streak = 680K over 37 days
Longest single run = 205K (24-hr World Championships, May)
Longest other run = 100K (Anglo Cetlic Plate, June)
Longest training run = 50K (ran 3 of these)


  1. Very best of luck John. I hope you have a fantastic experience and am looking forward to the post-event report!

    All the best,
    Gary (the clown!).

  2. Thanks Gary and you're no Clown:)
    Must meet at some stage when I get back.