Thursday, September 2, 2010

Peak Week. Day 4.

Distance = 17.7K
Avg Pace = 5:04 per K
Hr avg = 134 bpm in zone 126-146 bpm.

I had planned on running over twice this distance today but that niggle in my knee yesterday forced a change of plan. All day I paid attention to my knee and didn't have any issues so I decided to take a chance running an easy pace with an escape route if needs be. Before starting off I loaded up on a sports drink to ensure I didn't have a repeat of Tuesday's run when I started to feel low on energy shortly after starting out. Finished strong and although shorter than planned I corrected a few mistakes and rather than get annoyed over a few missed miles I'm happy knowing that I'm injury free.


  1. Great strategy (the escape route) and one I'll have to adopt for future tentative runs. Keep up the fine work John. Nearly there.

  2. Cheers Gary. Now come the hard part 'the taper'.