Saturday, September 4, 2010

Peak Week. Day 6

Distance = 30K
Average Pace= 4:59 per K

Split between 2 runs
16K @ Heart Rate avg of 141 bpm
14K @ Heart Rate avg of 120 bpm Recovery

A good day and all went as planned. Started off with 16K in my easy zone over the Waterworks route after a simple breakfast of 500ml Powerbar Energize. Got home just in time to bring my son to a soccer match and had a serving of Powerbar Recovery and a bowl of weetabix minis before leaving the house. Returning from the match I set off yet again and drove to the Phoenix park to meet a friend for my recovery run. I always find that it's easier to run when tired if you arrange to meet someone as it can be easier to let yourself down rather than let a friend down.
Finished this run with a large bottle of Yazoo chocolate milkshake which is very handy for leaving in the car as it won't spoil and bought 2 bags of ice on the way home for my bath. Spent the rest of the day loading up on carbs to prepare for my big run tomorrow.

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