Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tired or lazy?

Had a lie in this morning seeing as I'm on holidays and in my head I'd planned a way to fit in a run later in the day.
As the day went on I got less interested in going for a run and when checking my diary I tried to convince myself that I'd done enough this week and deserved or had earned a rest.
Sent a text to Tony to pre plan a run for tomorrow to cancel a possible excuse for tomorrow and almost called it a day.
The cheesecake in the fridge was calling me and it was getting close to the cut off time for heading out as it's just narrow country roads without street lights where I am so night time running isn't an option. I then decided to check my resting heart rate and do my Polar Own Optomizer Test and the results were a resting HR of 43 and a test result of 1 which means Good Recovery. Long story short I'm feeling lazy and not tired and that's not a reason not to train. Last Monday I couldn't train and it was very annoying and here I am with the time to train but looking for an excuse not too.
Listen to your body not your head!

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  1. Hi John

    What is the Polar Own Optimiser Test? It sounds like an interesting/decent way to tell whether you should take a break or not. Does it require specific telemetry?

    The reason I'm asking is that I went out for an 8 miler yesterday evening and pulled up at just under 6 miles. I had planned an upper aerobic session but felt every footfall during the run (I haven't felt like that in a while). Maybe this test could help to determine the reason?

    Thanks, John.