Sunday, August 29, 2010

Approaching the Peak

Today ends my easy week which consisted of easy and shorter runs with the overall volume reduced by close to 30% and the longest run less than 30K.  I also had a midweek massage and went to bed a bit earlier than usual and included some extra stretching.  All went well except for the weekend when life started to get in the way and having to drive my son to two football matches meant missing my usual early training runs and the running track was also out of use.  The traveling along with some other distractions meant my normal routine was disrupted and today I confirmed that you can't train through a bad diet!
I set off for my long run shortly after 5pm and less than an hour later I had to make a pit stop and that was pay back for the fast food and extra snacking on chocolate over the weekend.  Lesson learnt and luckily at a time I could afford it.  Next week will be my highest volume week and then it's Taper time.

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