Monday, August 30, 2010

Peak Week. Day 1.

Distance: 30K in 2hr35.  Avg Pace=5:09 per K.
HR avg=131 in zone 126-146bpm.

It was quite warm today and the bulk of my run was done from work to home with a backpack running into the sun.  It was quite warm and I sweated a lot but on a scale of 1 to 10 of what I might expect in Greece it was probably a 1.  As usual I slowed going uphill and pushed the pace on the downhill to ensure I spent as much training time as possible in the zone and I did notice that the slowing on hills has started to reduce which is a good sign. On the approach into Lucan village I met up with a group from Le Cheile as planned and the route then changed which was a nice distraction and the final few K passed with less effort.
Most of the runs for this week will be in the same zone to ensure I still have the energy to continue running day after day rather than tiring my legs out with faster efforts as the objective this week is to get my legs used to the high volume of work and from next week when my Taper starts they should in theory recover stronger.  Based on previous Ultra Races my race plan is to run as close to 130bpm as possible which could change on the day but for the moment that's the plan and I'll train accordingly.
The plan for tomorrow is 35-40K depending on available time and i'll also spend some time using my foam roller.

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