Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Shoes

As I approach the final few weeks of my Sparathlon preparation the training is close to peaking and I'm very close to my biggest training week which will start on Sunday 29th August. Learning from previous years I thought it sensible to give myself a service so I have a massage booked and yesterday I got the new tyres in the form of 2 new pairs of Running Shoes (Saucony Pro Grid Guide) which will see me up to and through the race (thanks to The Great Outdoors). It was only when I tried on the new pair that I realised how much they were needed. Running everday it's advisable to alternate with a minimum of 2 pairs of shoes to allow the cushioning to rest and recover. Each time you run air cells in the midsole flatten out as the impact is absorbed and if you run in the same shoes everyday the air cells never get a chance to return to their normal air filled shape which provides the cushioning and protection. I also think using 2 pairs can legthen the useage of the shoe as I seem to be running over 1100K per pair which seems to be above the average.

In the build up to my goal race in 2008 (Inca Trail Marathon) and 2009 (The North Face 100) I stood on both starting lines still recovering from an injury. I won't get away with that in The Spartathlon.

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