Sunday, August 15, 2010

A busy week.

Tony & Jarlath taking a breather on two rock mountain.

The holidays finished last Sunday with a 32K run shortly after arriving home but that almost didn't happen.  I had planned on running with Tony (as arranged) but he got sidetracked with a more tempting offer (looking away in shame above) and knowing I'd be on my own and feeling tired after the 4hr drive the thought did enter my head to bin the run and start afresh the next day.  In my head I could hear Tony saying 'Come on down to the pub' but I then thought about my race and moments later I was out the door and within minutes I felt all the better for it.

This week couldn't have gone much better and I managed to fit in 150K of running, 40K of cycling, a Personal Training session and a rest day.  Key sessions included a 53K run along the Royal Canal on Saturday followed by a 23K run in the mountains with 900M of ascent on tired legs on Sunday.  My Personal Training session with John Belton was one of the toughest training sessions I've ever done and this will increase to 2 session a week until I start my taper at the beginning of September.


  1. John, helping to build your mental strength is a role I take just as seriously and building your physical strength. Consider that test passed with flying colours.

  2. Come on, Tony! That test may have been a bit hard! That's more like messing with a mans mental strength moreso than building it...