Saturday, August 31, 2013

Training Diary 19th-25th Aug

Monday August 19th. HRV= Forgot to pack ithlete.

Still feeling the after effects of the wedding and lazy about doing anything.  Settled for same as yesterday with an out and back on the flat but went a little bit further for 8K.  Still in Kerry.
Plan for tomorrow includes a 4hr Drive home.

Tuesday August 20th. HRV= Forgot to pack ithlete.

Woke early but not on form and was looking for excuses not to run and then it was too late to do anything.  Long drive home and I’ve an Ultra Running meeting in the evening with limited time between my arrival home and departure again which helped focus on training.  Got ready for the meeting and went via the Track for a quick session of 3*2K off 20 seconds recovery for a total distance of 10K.
Plan for tomorrow is a Steady Track Session with even pace..

Wednesday August 21st. HRV=58 Amber.

WedsLower than I’d expected but then again yesterday was far from ideal with a long drive and a rushed session before going to a meeting and I’m only now realising that I missed my dinner and snacked instead.  An almost repeat of this day last week but the group has grown to 5 as word of mouth is increasing the interest.  Started with a 2k warm up at a slightly faster than usual pace caused by the chatting and not concentrating on the session and then kicked off the middle 10K and found ourselves having to always slow it down rather than speed up.  Completed the 10K in 38:50 which was 1 minute faster than last week and ended the session with a 2k cool down and a walking lap.  Finished the evening with a coaching session and a chance to do some running drills and a reminder that I need to do more.
Plan for tomorrow is a running commute and coaching after work.

Thursday August 22nd. HRV=57 Red.

ThursUnexpected low and it’s back to bed.  Might chance something short and fast on the Track after coaching as I find  the short fast work usually fatigues my legs before i get a chance to put my heart under too much stress.  This is partly down to my ratio of slow twitch to fast twitch muscle fibers.  Got a bit lazy as the day went on and felt like going home after coaching but a few others turned up for the session and we settled for 4*1K @ 3:30K off 2 minutes recovery.
Plan for tomorrow will depend on how I feel.

Friday August 23rd. HRV= 56 Red.

FriProbably should rest today but feeling ok and thinking this could be still the after effects of the weekend.  Rested for most of the day and retested with a better result.  Went for an evening session on the Track with the intention running at a zone in and around 85% of my HR max for up to 50 minutes but struggled to get into it and cut the session short.
Plan for tomorrow will include a trip to the hills with my next race in mind.  Unsure about Parkrun.

Saturday August 24th. HRV= 65 White.

SatA good result and can feel yesterday’s session in my legs so that makes the Parkrun decision of not running.  Dropped my daughter off at her training and went to the hills for a short but intense session on tired legs.  Climbed strong and made sure not to stop at any stage and gave the quads a good hammering on the descent.  Tomorrow should be interesting as the cumulative fatigue is setting into the legs.
Plan for tomorrow is a medium distance long run of 30K

Sunday August 25th. HRV= 54 Amber.

SunLower than I’d like but feeling good and I’m putting my recent low scores down to the fact that I’ve missed a few recordings after forgetting to pack ithlete for my trip to Kerry last weekend and it’s resetting a new baseline.  Today is a group run so I stuck with the plan but might have erred on the side of caution if it was a solo effort.  Met with Aidan & Liam and off we went for a 30K distance over rolling roads aiming for 4:30 per K (7:15 mile).  The pace was conversational and we were always falling into a faster rather than slower trot so the effort was to slow down rather than speed up which made it an enjoyable morning.  Finished just slightly ahead of schedule after running a 4:25K (7:07 Mile), almost perfect
Plan for tomorrow is undecided and time dependent.

Weekly Summary:

IMG_4933Low volume but happy with the intensity and finished with a decent distance session although I’m a little bit concerned about my climbing time with the Mountain Ultra so close.

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