Monday, August 5, 2013

Training Diary 29th July – 4th Aug 2013

Monday July 29th. HRV= 55 White.

IMG_4772Hoping for higher as legs feeling good but I’ll take it easy today and keep it Aerobic.  Easy lunchtime run of 8K with low heart rate.  Legs feeling a bit lethargic and I’m guessing it’s an after effect of yesterday’s session.
Plan for tomorrow is a running commute.

Tuesday July 30th. HRV=60 White.

IMG_4781Expected higher but then again the last few days have been of a higher intensity even though the volume has been lower.  Departed the house at my usual time and because I’m not working on my 24-hr pacing I just went by feel with an easy start and letting the run evolve.  Picked it up after 2K and locked into a heart rate at the upper end of my aerobic zone which meant steady on the flat, slowing on the climbs and picking it up on the downs.  Finished at my usual spot and was surprised to see I was almost 20 minutes faster than recent running commutes.  It’s good to be running natural again but must remember to leave the house later or take a detour and extend the journey.  Average Pace = 3.58K / 6.22 Mile.
Plan for tomorrow is lunchtime Recovery run and a yet to be decided Track session.

Wednesday July 31st. HRV= 64 White.

IMG_4785A good result after a decent session yesterday.  Easy lunchtime run that ended up a bit faster than planned as I found myself having to push harder to get into the zone.  Probably faster than it should have been and was glad to finish and dodge the rain but legs feeling heavy and that might alter my second run plan.  Decided on a Track session of 5*800M off 5 minute Recovery aiming for 2.40 per rep as this is fast enough to be an effort and it’s easy to monitor the pacing as its 40 seconds per 200M.  Session went ok but my stopwatch started acting up and resetting at random times during some of the laps which had me thinking I was on for an almost effortless 2.15 for 800 but I soon copped on when I hit the final 100M and tried to push it out.  Felt like I could have done another 5 reps but that’s probably because the Recovery was too long relative to the effort.  My split times averaged 2.40 – 2.46
Plan for tomorrow is a running commute.

Thursday August 01st. HRV= 54 Amber.

IMG_4787Seems the Track session yesterday took a bit more out of me than I realised.  Went back to bed as I think I’d get more of a benefit from delaying this morning’s run until this evening when I’ll be more awake, more rested plus fuelled and hydrated.  Retested after getting home from work and got a score of 70 so I decided to head for the Track and join in with the club’s middle distance session.  Arrived early to do a long slow warm up and could feel some tightness in my right hamstring which was obviously as a result of the 800s yesterday.  Thinking on my feet I extended the warm up and decided to change my plan rather than risking an injury.  Gradually picked up the pace and over the course of 2k I was starting to get my HR elevated to the upper end of my aerobic zone and feeling ok so the plan was now a repeat of last Sunday which was 2K Warm up, 10K steady state and 2k cool down.  Repeating a similar session is a good way of monitoring progress.  Being conscious of the tightness in my hamstring I made sure to stay at a pace that didn’t result in any discomfort and didn’t throw up any reminders.  The session was far from easy as my head wasn’t fully tuned in but I stuck it out aided by the company trackside for the last few K.
Plan for tomorrow will depend on Recovery and I’m prepared for a rest day if required.

Friday August 02nd. HRV= 63 White.

IMG_4789Much higher than expected but I’ve decided to take it easy and rest the hamstring just to be on the safe side.  Went for a very easy 8K run during lunchtime and left it at that for the day.
Plan for tomorrow is the Parkrun if I wake on time and feel up to it.

Saturday August 03rd. HRV= 62 White.

IMG_4791Woke before the alarm so it’s Parkrun.  Decided to go for a Training Effect today with my plan being to stay as close to the lead pack at the start and then hold on for as long as possible.  Started as planned but my fast start seemed to be a bit too fast and I found myself leading the race which wasn’t what I wanted.  For a moment I considered falling back but then I thought sure what’s the difference and maybe this could be what I needed. Knowing from most of my other races that I don’t have a sprint finish I thought it best to set a fast even pace from the start to gain what I might lose towards the end so I pushed on a little bit more.  As the first lap finished I had the chance to take a look back and I could see that I’d made a gap of maybe 2 minutes on the next placed runner but I was feeling the pressure and knew I could easily lose that time over the next lap of 2.5K so I tried to maintain what I had gained.  By the 3rd Km I could feel my pace starting to slow but knew I could afford to lose a few seconds and from here until the finish I just tried not to lose too much time.  Finished first with over 1 minute on 2nd place and although it isn’t a PB it’s a big improvement on last week and more proof that my recovery is going well.  Went home for breakfast and then it was off to the hills for a leisurely 10K with 6K of climbing.
Plan for tomorrow is a long run at an easy pace.

Sunday August 04th. HRV= 58 White.

IMG_4793A good result and met with Aidan (training for a 24-hr race) for a 35K run along the canal at a leisurely pace.  Could have gone longer but think this is a safe distance so soon after the 24-hrs.  Finished the day with an even easier 10K on the Track with 2 others that are in training for a 24-hr and a 48-hr race.  Conversation got a bit boring.
Plan for tomorrow is undecided but I’m thinking a long run or shorter Track Tempo.

Weekly Summary:

Recovery going in the right direction and feel it’s almost time to return to full training.

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