Saturday, August 31, 2013

Training Diary 12th-18th Aug

Monday August 12th. HRV= 65 White.

MonPerfect as I was expecting lower after yesterday’s long run.  I can feel some discomfort behind both my knees and I’m happy with that as it’s the pain from work rather than injury and knowing the difference comes from experience.  Stress / Rest / Adapt and my plan for today is now an easy run staying below the discomfort zone.
Plan for tomorrow is a running commute.

Tuesday August 13th. HRV=52 Amber.

TuesLower than expected so it’s back to bed.  Took it easy for most of the day and didn’t run during lunchtime.  Retested when I got home and the Recovery was good.  With a new race in mind I decided to head for the hills and ran an out and back session of 1hr each way for a distance of 19-20K with 680M of Ascent.  A good run but would have preferred more climbing but didn’t want to risk going too far just in case my legs weren’t ready for the increased climbing and my pace slowed on the return in fading light.  Knowing when to call it a day is an acquired skill.
Plan for tomorrow is lunchtime Recovery run and a Steady Track Session with even pace..

Wednesday August 14th. HRV=76 Green.

WedsAn excellent result and feeling good but my legs know they did something a little bit different yesterday.  Skipping the lunchtime run and will stick with the Track session.  I’d like to head for the hills again but wouldn’t make it back in time for coaching at 8pm.  Plenty of company on the Track this evening and it’s the usual plan when with a group of running for pace rather than by heart rate and that suits.  Started off with 2K nice and easy but getting progressively faster as we ticked off the laps and then it was 10K trying for an average pace of 4 min per K (6:27 Mile) and then a cool down of 1K easy and then a walking lap.  Completed the 10K in 39:53 with legs still feeling fresh and a smiling face.  Finished the evening with a coaching session and had the opportunity to do my much neglected stretching and felt more energised leaving the Track than I did when arriving over 2hrs earlier.  That’s the power of positive energy from being around like minded people.
Plan for tomorrow is Hill repeats on a Mountain working on climbing rather than distance.

Thursday August 15th. HRV= 68 White.

ThursA great result and feeling good. Decided to head for the hills do a few reps on the Sugarloaf mountain trying to get as much climbing done in the shortest amount of time.  Didn’t factor rush hour traffic into my plan and with limited light I ended up making a detour to a location a little bit close and with less traffic.  Started off with a gradual climb of 262M over 3K and made my way to a shorter but steeper climb of 94M over 1K and did a few repeats of the shorter climb.  Comparing the two climbs they seem similar but descending the longer one to do a repeat would mean too much recovery time.  The weather wasn’t great when I started and got progressively worse so I decided to finish after 3 reps as I still had the descent back to the car.
Plan for tomorrow will depend on my waking time but also includes a 4hr Drive to Kerry for a Wedding.

Friday August 16th. HRV= 76 White.

FriA good result after yesterday’s session but I’m guessing that my leg strength & fatigue prevented working my heart & lungs as I should or could.  Was half tempted to head for the hills but decided on the Track with the intention being a repeat of Wednesday’s session or faster.  Started off ok and probably went too fast for the working part of the session and began to crash at 5K.  Held on at pace for another K and then slowed it back for a recovery K and then called it a day in the hope that I’d manage an evening recovery run when I arrive in Kerry.  Finished packing the car and then it was a 4hr drive to Kerry and no time to run.
Tomorrow is a non-training day unless I can manage something before the Wedding.

Saturday August 17th. HRV= Forgot to pack ithlete.

Woke early and took a chance on heading out for a run on a local 10K loop with an option to shorten it to 8K if I wasn’t feeling good.  Took just under 45mins without stressing myself and that’s it for today.
No plan for tomorrow and anything is a bonus.

Sunday August 18th. HRV= Forgot to pack ithlete.

Stayed overnight at wedding and woke with a bad hangover and not feeling good at all.  Spent most of the day in a bad way and went for a lie down in the afternoon and woke feeling even worse.  Decided to chance a run as punishment and settled for an out and back 6K.  Feeling a little bit better after the run and maybe that’s because I know the day wasn’t a total write off.  Still in Kerry.
Plan for tomorrow is undecided and time dependent.

Weekly Summary

Not a bad week overall and happy that although the training volume was reduced I still managed to train every day.  Training has changed slightly as I have an invitational entry to the Isle of Man Mountain Ultra at the end of September.

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