Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Training Diary 26th Aug-1st Sept 2013.

Monday August 26th. HRV= 69 White.

Mon 26thA great result considering how I was feeling after yesterday’s long run.  Legs still feeling a little bit fatigued so I settled for an 8K recovery run at lunchtime.  Might leave it at that for today as I’m doing an online Q&A for
Back to the Gym tomorrow and not looking forward to it.

Tuesday August 27th. HRV= 72 White.

Tues 27thA good result and feeling better than yesterday.  Early Gym session and it was a lot easier than expected with mostly mobility work and a consultation to plan my next few months with the main focus on the 24-hr World & European Championships in Latvia next May (TBC).  Won’t be doing too much in the gym this side of the Isle of Man Mountain Ultra as I can’t afford the recovery time costing run time and I need to get as much time on the hills as I can.  Running commute home and my plan was add in a few Km at what should be by half marathon pace but the stride sensor had a low battery so it was back to heart rate based effort.  Stayed steady throughout by slowing on the climbs and speeding up on the flat to keep the HR profile stable and without peaks & troughs.  A good run
Plan for tomorrow is a Recovery paced running commute to work followed by an evening Steady Track Session with even pace..

Wednesday August 28th. HRV=62 White.

Weds 28thWoke early and when getting out of bed could still feel some tenderness behind my knees so I decided to bin the run in favour of the evening session.  Met with 3 others and we set out to repeat last week’s session but from the off we were running at a faster pace.  It didn’t feel too fast but the effort was made to stay controlled.  After a 2k warm up we started the session aiming for an even 4:00 per k for 10K  but it was always faster.  Went through 10k in 38:40 and then 2 of us pushed on with another 1K in 3:30 before starting a cool down.  A good run but tomorrow will tell if it was too much.  Too soon to go testing the fitness and you don’t want to leave your best effort on the training ground.  Finished the evening with the usual coaching session and an opportunity to stretch.
Plan for tomorrow is an early gym session, coaching after work and then a yet to be decided run.

Thursday August 29th. HRV=72 White.

Tues 29thUnexpected result and it’s good when you get it in your favour but today might not be the day to make the most of it.  Yesterday’s session felt manageable but it was still a tough session.  Early Gym session with reduced volume and intensity but did include a set of 3*3 Deadlifts @ 80Kg plus Walking Lunges and Core work. Will see how I feel later and make my run decision at the Track depending on who turns up.  Legs started to tighten up as the day went on and didn’t think I’d be on for a repeat of last week’s 4*1K @ 3:30K and scaled it back to a lower volume & intensity session of 3*1K @ 3:40K.  Started the session and felt better than expected but didn’t get too carried away.  The Intervals ended up as 3:30s without any extra effort but stuck with plan of only doing 3 as the knock on effect could be a bad day tomorrow.  Total distance for session was 7K.
Plan for tomorrow will depend on how I feel but thinking about a running commute.

Friday August 30th. HRV= 60 White.

Fri 30thWoke at 6 and switched off the alarm rather than hitting snooze.  Woke again at 6:35am and wondered was it too late to run?  Took a chance and was glad I did as it was a perfect morning.  Could feel my legs starting to tighten up as the day went on and also starting to feel some tenderness in my glutes after the gym session.  Finished the day with a second run of 13K at recovery pace on the track with someone preparing for a 24-hr Race.
Plan for tomorrow will include a trip to the hills with my next race in mind.  Unsure about Parkrun.

Saturday August 31st. HRV= 69 White.

Sat 31stSlight change of plan and stayed local for a medium distance run of 25K over the same route as last Sunday but taking an escape route to shorten the distance.  Missed the opportunity to add in a hill run and finished the day with an 8K recovery run including a few controlled hills
 Plan for tomorrow is a medium distance Trail / Hill run concentrating on climbing.

Sunday September 01st. HRV= 70 White.

Sun 1stA good result but legs feeling fatigued and I might not get what I want from this session.  Started on a climb and tried to minimise the amount of recovery time by running hard on the descents and avoiding the possible flat sections as much as possible.  This meant doubling back and repeating climbs whenever I felt there was too much recovery time. With roughly 10K to go I was starting to feel the effort required to lift my legs and kicked a rock twice so I knew it was time to think about finishing.  Slowed it down and made my way back to the start with 1000M in the bank.
Plan for tomorrow will depend on recovery.

Weekly Summary

WeeklyA good week but would have preferred more time in the hills.

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