Thursday, May 30, 2013

Training Diary 20th - 26th May 2013.

Monday May 20th. HRV= 74 White.

20-26 May (7)A good start to the week and my new training cycle.  Easy lunchtime run of 30 minutes keeping my HR below 130bpm, legs feeling heavy since the session last night but apart from that I’m feeling good.  Met some club mates after work and did a repeat of yesterday’s session but ran for pace rather than heart rate as that’s the compromise when running with others.  Only 2 minutes slower than yesterday but average heart rate was 8 beats lower which has me thinking that the pace for this run might be more economical.
Plan for tomorrow is an early Gym session and a run of 10-20K.

Tuesday May 21st. HRV=62 White.

20-26 May (8)Change of plan as my Gym session is cancelled so I used the opportunity for a long recovery run to work keeping my HR below 130bpm.  Wasn’t really on form for this run and tried to convince myself to stay in bed but the guilt was keeping me awake.  Made a deal with myself as and if this morning’s reading was an Amber it was back to bed for a few more minutes.  Here’s a few tips from Men’s Running magazine about the running commute with a little contribution from myself:
Plan for tomorrow is a long easy run.

Wednesday May 22nd. HRV=62 White.

20-26 May (1)Lower than expected and HR higher than usual even though I think yesterday was a good recovery day.  Skipped the opportunity to run during lunch but instead ran home at an easy pace and went a little bit longer after meeting a club mate running towards my direction as planned.
Plan for tomorrow is an early gym session and a steady run after coaching.

Thursday May 23rd. HRV=55 Amber.

20-26 May (2)Before going to bed last night I wasn’t expecting this result but when waking I felt tired.  Easy Gym session of single leg squats and an abdominal routine.  Will decide this evening whether to run or not.  Normally I’d just skip the run but chances are my weekend could be a write off so I want to maximise my available time but will be cautious not to overdo it.  Didn’t run.
Tomorrow is still in the planning stages and includes a 4hr drive to Kerry for a wedding.

Friday May 24th. HRV= 70 Green.

20-26 May (3)A great result and I tried to make the most of it with a long Tempo run but the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) were starting to kick in and the effort felt a little bit too much.  Decided to do a longer warm up but in my mind I was torn between a hard session to make up for what I might miss over the weekend but also wanted to listen to my body and not negate the training effect from the strength session by working weak muscles that were trying to repair and adapt.  Finished meters short of 16K in 62 minutes after a long lazy warm up and walked to cool down.  The long drive didn’t do my legs any favours and the hours of inactivity meant serious cramping by the time I reached my destination.
Plan for tomorrow is an early run before the wedding but I might be pushing my luck.

Saturday May 25th. HRV= 69 White.

20-26 May (4)A good result after yesterday but my legs feel totally seized up.  Went for an early run of 10K and felt like I was running on the spot for the first half but managed to get going on the return and finished in 41 minutes.  Would have liked a longer session as my thinking is the extra miles will cancel out some of the damage I might do at the wedding.
Plan for tomorrow is undecided but I’d like to do a long run.

Sunday May 26th. HRV= 69 White.

20-26 May (5)Delighted with this result after a long day yesterday.  Only got to bed at 4:00am and was up again at 9:00am.  Dreading the drive home and in advance I pre planned to stop if suffering from cramps.  Journey went ok but felt tired when I got home, wanted to run but had all the reasons why I deserved the day off but also knew I needed to get out.  Weighed myself and the one day damage became visibly obvious and without any further thought I was out.  Took it easy and finished with 25K in just under 2hrs, better than nothing and during the run I thought about a few long sessions I might do over the coming days and weeks.
Plan for tomorrow is a lunchtime recovery run and either a steady hilly run or a longer trail run..

Weekly Summary

20-26 May (6)Could have been worse as the weekend was a possible write off but managed to salvage 45K.

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