Thursday, May 30, 2013

Training Diary May 13th - 19th 2013.

Monday May 13th. HRV= 56 Amber.

13 May HRVExpected after almost 20hrs of running, 37 waking hours and very little sleep.  Early start for the long journey home and I’m feeling fine but will only do what I need to do and try to rest as much as possible while travelling and that means sitting in coffee shops rather than walking around shops.  For the journey I’m wearing Under Armour Recharge recovery tights and on my feet I’m wearing Salomon RX Recovery Shoes.  The recovery tights minimise muscle vibration while walking and support fatigued muscles while moving and this in turn aids recovery.  The shoes are very light, cushioned and don’t restrict movement while allowing for any swelling.  Putting the effort into recovering can ensure you benefit from the Training Effect of the race by not needing so much time off that you begin to de-train.
Plan for tomorrow is an acceleration of my recovery plan.

Tuesday May 14th. HRV=69 Green.

14 May HRVToday I’m in Recovery mode and my way of switching off is to wear a normal watch rather than a sports one.  Good result and if I hadn’t planned a trip to a Contrast Therapy Pool there might be a temptation to run!  Spent close to 1hr alternating between a cold and hot bath which was only half enjoyable (the hot half) and felt great when it finished.
Plan for tomorrow is a test run with an escape route.

Wednesday May 15th. HRV=72 White.

15 May HRVRecovering well and met with some club mates for an easy run of just over 7K with two options to cut it short if required.  When making a comeback it’s advisable to ease back in and don’t test yourself to breaking point.  Set a maximum distance to run but not a minimum and this is when a treadmill run can be an advantage as you can always just step off without worrying about getting back to the start.
Tomorrow will be a repeat of today..

Thursday May 16th. HRV=79 Amber.

16 May HRVA sure sign that I’m recovering very quickly and I’m assuming the Amber reading is caused by the rapid rise in HRV.  I won’t get carried away as I’m sure my muscles are still in a state of repair.  Easy lunchtime run of 8K keeping my HR below 130bpm and paying attention to how I’m feeling
Tomorrow is undecided but I might rest.

Friday May 17th. HRV= 60 Amber.

17 May HRVMuch lower than expected and confirms my decision to rest today.
Plan for tomorrow is an early flat course run of up to 20K with escape routes.

Saturday May 18th. HRV= 64 White.

18 May HRVNot much of an improvement and with a busy day ahead I decide to rest again.
Plan for tomorrow is undecided but I’d like to do a long run.

Sunday May 19th. HRV= 60 White.

19 May HRVNot a good start to the day and doesn’t help with my motivation.  Found it hard getting my mind in gear and think I’m still suffering from mental fatigue.  Decided to feed the hunger by going to watch a local race and spectate rather than participate and before the race had even started I was wanting to run.  Got to witness some great performances from my club mates and although they might not know it their actions caused my reaction and I finished the day with a 16K run that started easy but finished a little bit faster.
Plan for tomorrow is something similar to today and I feel ready to resume training.

Weekly Summary

Recovery seems to be going ok and I feel ready to start again.
Here’s a piece I did for a Women’s Magazine recently:

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