Saturday, May 18, 2013

Training Diary 6-12 May 2013

Irish Ultra Running Team

Monday May 06th. HRV= 59 Red.

Ultra running raceExpected after a good weekend.  Rested for most of today and then hit the Track for a short but intense Interval session of 3*1K off 5 min Recovery.  Splits were: 3:15, 3:13, 3:12 followed by a long cool down.
Plan for tomorrow is an early Gym session and an evening recovery run.

Tuesday May 07th. HRV=66 White.

Ultra running raceMoving in the right direction.  Early Gym session of mobility work & stretching followed by a very short recovery run after work.
Plan for tomorrow is a lunchtime rest day.

Wednesday May 08th. HRV=67 White.

Ultra running raceRest Day
Tomorrow will be spent travelling..

Thursday May 09th. HRV=67  White.

Ultra running raceEarly start for a long day travelling to The Netherlands.  No training and an early night
Tomorrow will be spent preparing for the race and trying to relax.

Friday May 10th. HRV= 72 White.

Ultra running raceHigher than expected after a long day of travelling and today will be yet another busy day.  While queuing for breakfast I was approached by an IAAF official and then taken away for interview and drug testing.  Not a pleasant experience but good to see it being carried out.  Busy day with meetings to attend and the Athlete parade with a bit more walking than I’d have preferred.  Finished the day preparing race day food & clothing and had our pre race Team meeting.
Plan for tomorrow is a very long run.

Saturday May 11th. HRV= 62 White.

Ultra running raceDidn’t sleep to well but woke without an alarm clock which is always a bonus.  After a rushed breakfast because of the long queues we made our way to downtown Steenbergen arriving close to 2hrs before the start.  The weather seems very unsettled with some light rain to start and I decide to wear a rain jacket to start.
As the race started I settled into an easy pace with my team mates which was slightly faster than planned but in the early stages it can be more comfortable than slowing down and within an hour we had split up and settled into our own zones.  The race started cold and wet and soon became very warm and sunny meaning the loss of a few layers to prevent overheating.  The change was done quite quickly and for the next 8 or more hours I ran in just my shorts and singlet while occasionally putting on my hat and / or gloves but then it all changed and shortly after starting one of the laps it started to pour rain without warning and I got drenched and very cold.  The wind was also starting to pick up and by the time I got back to the support crew I’d taken a weather beating.  I quickly changed into some warmer clothes and got going again but could feel the energy draining from my body and my pace began to drop.  I kept going but ended up making more stops than planned to try heat up with some shelter and each time it got harder to get going again.
It eventually got to the point where I had to leave the course and go indoors and use a sleeping bag to get warm again but by this time my game plan was gone as too much time had been lost.  I returned to the track and got going as best I could but was still shivering with the cold and after checking the Team Rankings and working out my possible quota based on lap times it was obvious that I wasn’t going to help the Team move up the score board.  I think at this point I had covered approx 140K but decided to keep going until at least 150K and then when I hit that target I thought that 100Miles would be a semi respectable finishing distance and I told myself that I’d keep going until that distance was covered and that’s when it ended.
Tomorrow is still Today.

Sunday May 12th. HRV= No Reading.

Still running and the race finally finished at midday.
Tomorrow will be spent travelling.

Weekly Summary

Not a great end to my week but I’ll get over it.

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