Thursday, May 2, 2013

Training Diary 22-28th April 2013.

Monday Apr 22nd . HRV= 66 White.

Race taperFirst day of Taper.  Resisted the temptation to run during lunch and spent the evening coaching a group of beginners as part of the club’s Couch to 5k programme.  This was ideal as it forced an easy pace and meant I had to stretch while demonstrating.  Finished the evening with 2 glasses of wine thinking I deserved it and then realised I hadn’t eaten a dinner but snacked instead.
Plan for tomorrow is an early Gym session which will be my heaviest session pre race and a lunchtime Recovery run.  Tomorrow is also my daughter’s birthday and the evening will be spent celebrating.

Tuesday Apr 23rd . HRV=62 White.

Race taperLower than expected but could be down to my lazy attitude yesterday.  Revisited a Deadlift PB of 117.5Kg for a 1 Rep Max and only stopped there because my PT noticed I was losing form and called an end to the exercise.  The weight isn’t anything special but it’s all relative to the sport and it’s enough to bring on a training induced response with enough time to recover in time for the race.  Lifted close to 1300 Kg for this session.  Lunchtime easy run and my plan was to run by feel expecting my legs to feel lethargic and stiff.  Surprised at how easy I was moving and went through the first 1k in 4:10 and without any extra effort I dropped under 4 mins.  Decided to stay as I was and finished the session with 10k in 39:40.  Finished the day with a big dinner, dessert and 2 glasses of wine.
Plan for tomorrow is a lunchtime run of 40 mins and an evening run of 60+ mins.

Wednesday Apr 24th. HRV=55 Amber.

Race taperMuch lower than expected but then again yesterday was an intense day with an overindulge rather than recover.  Today is now a rest day and although it’s not what I wanted it could be what I need as forced rest can be guilt free.
Plan for tomorrow is an early running commute to fill the gap made available by skipping the Gym session and I’ll start earlier than usual to keep the pace nice and easy.

Thursday Apr 25th. HRV=65 White.

Race taperAlmost stayed in bed after looking out the window and seeing the rain but knowing that you train your mental strength on the days you don’t want to helped with the decision.  Early running commute to work in the rain keeping the pace nice and easy with a low heart rate.
Plan for tomorrow is medium effort 30-40K run.

Friday Apr 26th. HRV= 70 White.

Race taperFeeling good today and I’m guessing it’s partly because I didn’t have a gym session yesterday.  Lunchtime recovery run of 8K at my planned 24-hr pace.  Finished the day with an Interval session to loosen my legs out and decided on 5*1K without any pressure to hit a specific pace.  Session went better than expected and my splits were 3:19, 3:18, 3:20, 3:20 & 3:17.  Haven’t ran this fast in a while and may feel it tomorrow.
Plan for tomorrow is undecided but I can wake without an alarm clock as there’s no football.

Saturday Apr 27th. HRV= 70 White.

Race taperMuch better than expected, woke without an alarm, the sun is shining and my legs feel fine so it’s back to the Track.  I haven’t really got a plan in mind and decide to just run steady and test my mental strength.  Started with 2K at an easy pace and then increased it to a working pace just outside my comfort zone and held it for 16K before finishing with a 2K recovery.  Total for session was 20K in 1:20.31 with a middle 10K split of 38:30 or thereabouts.  Finished the day with a walk in the woods.
Plan for tomorrow is a 20K + Run at my planned race pace.

Sunday Apr 28th. HRV= 70 White.

Race taperWas expecting lower but I’ll take it.  Weather isn’t great but yet again I get to wake without an alarm and head off as planned but with particular place to go and just run.  Arriving back towards my house with 20K done but a little bit ahead of schedule I decide to add on another short loop of 5K and partly because I don’t want to:-)  Spent the rest of the day lazing around the house and an unplanned evening trip to the shops meant passing the Track and long story short, 6K with 5*400M.
Plan for tomorrow is a running commute to a meeting with Athletics Ireland.

Weekly HRV Summary

Race taperReduced volume with high intensity as planned but I’d prefer if my base line was climbing a bit more.  I’m back on the Cherry Juice (Cherry Active) and taking aBeet it Shot for every session up to race day rather than just the faster sessions.  Hopefully next week will show signs of improvement.

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