Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week 2

This week went more or less to plan with the addition of the 'Army All Terrain 6K' instead of a slightly longer but possibly slower Tempo run. Finished the week with a 16 mile long run which included 8 miles at my goal Marathon Pace of 6min52sec after a 4 mile warm up and followed by a 4 mile cooldown.
During one of my recovery runs earlier this week I was feeling a bit low in energy and was constantly slowing down to keep my heart rate in the training zone. This has happened before and I put it down to needing more carbohydrate in my diet. I have since increased my carbohydrate intake and that seems to have done the trick. Todays Long Run is in the graph above.

Carbohydrate Drink
  • 60gr Glucose
  • Sachet of salt (McDonalds/BurgerKing)
  • 1L of Water flavoured with cordial

This drink gives 50gr of Carbohydrate per Litre and the reason for using the sachet of salt is because it's an exact measurement.

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