Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Army all terrain 6k race.

It's the start of week 2 in my Marathon plan and rather than run my scheduled 8 miler this evening I took part in the BHAA Army all terrain 6K race in the Phoenix Park.  What a race! The start was quite fast over a flat well groomed field and then the fun began.  The main section of the race started with a steep descent which ended with the start of a very steep climb and the start of the first of three loops.  

Each loop brought us along an undulating forest trail with man made and natural obstacles ranging from jump and fallen trees to scrim netting which we crawled under and river crossings.  Some of the climbs were so steep that ropes were needed.  During the first loop I was wishing it to end and towards the middle of the second lap when I'd got into a rhythm I wanted it to continue.  All in all a great race and I look forward to it again next year.  
Plan for tomorrow is a run home from work and then I'm back on track.

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