Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Monitoring Progress

Here's where the Heart Rate Monitor and the associated software comes into use. This evening I ran a 5K race and used my Heart Rate to determine effort rather than pace and when compared to a race of the same distance over a similar course I can see that I'm running faster for the same effort. My Heart Race average was the same for both races and my max was 1 bpm shorter for tonight's race. Rather than Tapering for this race which is the norm I decided to train through it and knowing that I went into it after a heavy few days of consistent training I know I'm improving. The improvement in time might seem small at 10 seconds but it's 10 seconds in the right direction.

Tomorrow I will run an easy 6-8 miles and might do the same again on Friday in advance of a 5Mile race on Saturday. Again I will run not at an all out effort but stay within the same Heart Rate zone as today between 162-172 bpm but will think on my feet and take a step back if needed.

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