Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week 3

Another good week, mileage is slightly down but did manage a few tough sessions finishing the week off with a 14 mile long run at a slightly faster pace than previous runs for a lower average heart.  My long run should have been 15 -16 miles but I was stuck for time as I needed to be home for 10am.  I should have started at 07:30am but struggled to get out of bed and paid the price.  Next week I expect my mileage to be slightly down yet again as I have a 5K race on Wednesday evening which will cost me a few miles and a 5 mile race on Saturday which could cost me a few miles on Sunday depending on how much effort I put in.  I won't be tapering for these races but will train through them using the races as speed sessions and a measurement of my progress.  After a race I would usually compare my results with one of the many race predicting calculators such as the Runner's World one.

Because of the races next week we (Tony and I ) ran our interval session earlier in the week to allow enough recovery time.  Last Tuesday after training we ran 4* 1000M repeats at a constant 3:40 min per K and on Friday we ran a 30 minute Tempo run at faster than our planned / predicted Marathon Pace.  The Tempo run includes a 2 mile warm up and 2 mile cooldown.
I also signed up for the Dingle Marathon this week and might end up running this instead of Dublin, will explain in later post.

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