Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week 5

This week went as planned finishing with a very important 18 mile Long Run with the middle 10 miles run at Marathon Race Pace of 6:52 min pace.  I was away in Kerry for the weekend at a Barbeque and overdosed on beer and food so there was no guarantee of making this run and that's when having a training partner pays off.
Tony was also busy today and  late getting home and I'm guessing if we were both training alone we might have found an excuse not to run.
I managed a run everyday this week which included a few early morning recovery runs.  Scheduling the recovery runs for early morning allows extra rest before the next hard session.  Another key session for this week was a Tempo run last Tuesday which consisted of a 2 mile warm up at 7:30 Pace followed by 5 miles @ 6:30 Pace and 2 miles to recover.

When running the Marathon Pace Miles and Tempo Miles I pre set the Heart Rate Zones in my Heart Rate Monitor to prevent over doing it.  If my out of zone alarm goes off which sometimes happens on a hill I ease off.  Running within the prescribed zones and keeping a check on your pace will let you know if your pace is over ambitious and if you are over reaching.

I'm pre planning a heavy week ahead as I prepare to transition across from my Dublin Marathon schedule to my now Dingle Marathon schedule which means increasing mileage but being sensible and remaining injury free.


  1. I assure you there are plenty of great places to run in Kerry.

    It's great to see that you signed up for Dingle - even if it means I'll be pushed back one more place in the field.

  2. John, as much as I'd love to run sub-3 in Dingle I very much doubt I'll be able to.

    I'll aim for whatever I think I can achieve on the day. It should be reasonably close to 3:00.

  3. John, I'd be delighted to share a few miles with you in Dingle. And you've got my permission to drop me as soon as you feel I'm holding you back!