Monday, May 25, 2009

Time to start training again.

I'm home almost a week and yet again finding it hard to start training again.  I'm well used to this feeling as it has happened so often and always when I've finished my main event of the year but I've learnt how to deal with it.  
This day 2 years ago I was trekking to Gorak Shep in the Himalaya en route to Everest Base Camp and the start of the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon with Mark Pollock.   This was the race that has tested me mentally like no other and when I returned home i was drained and found it harder than ever to get back into a training routine.

Three weeks before the Everest Marathon we both ran the Dead Sea Ultra Marathon and after returning home we immediately continued with our training routine because we knew there was another event to train for and we had a definite date so knew not training wasn't an option.
  Returning from Everest we had nothing planned for the rest of the year so there was no reason or urgency to get back into a routine.

The catalyst to get me moving again was signing up for a series of races in the Phoenix Park and then the Dublin Marathon and to help get back into a training routine I would drive to the Phoenix Park and run in a running environment.  

If you click on Mark's name you'll see the race report from the Everest Marathon along with links to Mark's other events.
The photo above was taken between Gorak Shep and Everest base Camp on the Khumbu Glacier as we took one of many breaks.  What you see is called Glacial Moraine and it was a nightmare to travel over.

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