Monday, May 18, 2009

While you were sleeping.

Just back from the Blue Mountains having successfully completing the North Face 100.   This for me was the most physically demanding race yet.  I was running well up to check point 2 over an undulating course with very steep climbs and descents but my recent I T band problem came back to haunt me and i was forced to walk from CP 2 - 3 which was less than half way into the race and well before the most testing sections.  Luckily I had made enough time at the start of the race to allow me the confidence to continue at a walking pace knowing that it was still possible to finish within the allocated time.  Rob was meeting me at the next CP so I took a chance on texting him with the bad news and asking if he could source some anti inflamatories which he did.  He ran out to meet me 2K from the CP and I loaded up.  I tried to run just before reaching the CP but the pain was still there so I hobbled in.  I spent some time stretching and took a short rest and shortly after checking out I was up and running.
I tried to cover as much ground as possible before the effect wore off and kept going until the finish bypassing the next 2 Check Points.
 I'll post a full race report and some photos when I return home.  
 Thanks for all the support.



  1. John

    You did it while going through the pain barrier as well! That's gutsy. I think you deserve to take a little break now and have a beer on me. see you when you get home...


  2. You must have been in some pain!
    Well done though finishing it, many would have packed it in at CP2.
    Get healthy.
    Safe journey back.
    See you then..

  3. Race over well done!! I have you registered for a 5k in Enfield next tuesday evening - just to ease you back into things - get plenty of stretching in on the flight home!