Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Race No: 205

Went for a lazy 7 mile run yesterday which started off as a 6Km race in the Domain called the Corporate Cup.  Rob was trying to convince me to race and although I knew it was the wrong thing to do I was very tempted.  Carried my camera which gave me the excuse to run slower and stop whenever I spotted a photo opportunity.  The route i took started with the race and i branched off in the Botanic Gardens heading towards the Opera House and Harbour Bridge before heading back to my hotel via Darling Harbour.
Heart rate was nice and low unlike the interval session on Wednesday when I slightly over cooked it.

I had planned on going for a drink last night but during the walk back to my hotel I was over taken by what looked like 'The North Face Army'.  Six Americans kitted out from head to toe in NF kit including trail shoes and they didn't look like they were heading to the pub so my mind was changed.

I now have my race number and live updates should be available from TNF 100 but I'm guessing that the race will be almost over by the time you get to check it out back home.  Only 2 more sleeps to go!


  1. John

    Don't touch the booze until that race is over!!!!

    Till later


  2. Holiday doesn't start until you cross that finish line! :)
    Give it your all, best of luck! ;)

  3. Glad to hear no mention about dodgy ITB. Remember the pain is only temporary!!! Have a blast.