Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is the lift out of order?

It was this day last week that I did my first stair climbing session in Liberty Hall so I decided to do a similar session today and compare my times per rep along with Heart Rate average and Max. It was a tough session but the results show that I've made big improvents since day 1. My fastest climb on day one was 2mins 11 secs with Hr avg of 155 and max of 163. Today my fastest rep was 1min 38 sec with Hr avg of 141 and max of 154. My Hr avg and max did increase as the session went on but it does show signs of improvement. My text session on the stairs will be 10 or more reps during which i'll try to keep an even 2min pace and from that i'll try to work out a HR zone for race day.
Meeting Tony later for a Hill session..

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