Saturday, January 17, 2009

Empire State Building Run Up

At the end of last week I received an invitation to take part in the annual race up the Empire State Building which is organised by the New york Road Runners.  In some ways it's bad timing because of other racing commitments but I couldn't and didn't refuse as it's one of those once in a lifetime opportunities (another one).  With less than 3 weeks to prepare and taper I gained access to the tallest building in Dublin 'Liberty Hall' and had my first training on wednesday of this week.  Liberty Hall is 15 floors high with 300 steps in comparison to the Empire State Building which has 1572 steps over 82 runnable floors (actual height 102 floors).  My first session which was during my lunch break was a trial run to help with compiling a fairly short but intense training programme and consisted of 4 climbs at an average of 2 min 15 sec per rep.  It was quite tough and to be honest it was a lot tougher than I expected but it after the first climb it seemed to get easier I think??  Recovered fairly quickly and finished the day with my running buddy Tony Brennan from Le Cheile A.C with a few hill sprints.
The following day I hit Liberty Hall again with the plan of running 10 sets at 2min 30 sec pace but felt so good I ran most efforts at close to 2 mins with the fastest being 1 min 54.  
Today Saturday I met with Tony for our usual Interval session on the Le Cheile Track and we ran 6* 800M at 3min which is 6 min mileing and comfortably fast. 

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