Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Training Diary Nov 12th - 18th.

Monday Nov 12th. HRV=74. Green

A good start to the week and makes me think I made the right decision yesterday.  Lunchtime run of 10K which doubled up as a *MAF test (Maximum Aerobic Function) and the result showed my Aerobic fitness is down on what it was when last tested.  Had an opportunity to run again and made the most of a free 45 minutes by running a steady 10K.
Plan for tomorrow is an early strength session of mainly squats and a lunchtime or evening recovery run.

Tuesday Nov 13th. HRV=72White

John O'Regan ithlete HRV Tues 13Early morning strength session consisting of 5 sets of 3 (1 ¼)Squats with 50Kg and 5 sets of 3 Strict Press with 37.5Kg.  A big increase from last week and I’m now back on track with my strength work.  Evening recovery run started ok but started to feel a bit nauseous after less than 3K.  Decreased the effort but shortly after climbing a hill at 8K I had to stop and threw up.  Felt ok almost immediately but thought it best to walk rest of way.  Appetite suppressed and a bad finish to a good day.
My plan for tomorrow has changed from running a 5K race to marshalling at the race instead.  No definite run planned and I’ll take what I can get.

Wednesday Nov 14th. HRV=63.2  White

John O'Regan ithlete HRV Wed 14Expected a low result after last night but apart from that I’m feeling ok.  Lunchtime recovery run of 8K keeping my HR below 130bpm, feeling good.  Busy night ahead as Senior Marshal for the Mark Pollock ‘Run in the Dark’ 5K & 10K.
Plan for tomorrow is an early strength session of Power Clean & Deadlifting and a lunchtime run of 8-10K or a running commute home depending on how I feel.

Thursday Nov 15th. HRV=74.5 White

John O'Regan ithlete HRV Thurs 15thLate night before an early morning and was tired getting out of bed.  This is the time when having a definite session planned makes all the difference as it stopped me from hitting the snooze button.  Early morning strength session consisting of  3*3 Power Clean @ 42.5Kg and 3*3 Deadlift @ 80Kg alternating with a set of max chin ups.  Tried a heavier weight with the Power Clean but couldn’t get it.  Have the DOMS since Tuesday and can feel a knot in my left calf.  Lunchtime recovery / easy run of 4K to loosen out the legs and followed that with an easy to steady 10K
Plan for tomorrow is a lunchtime meeting with the ‘Black Ice Race Team’ followed by recovery paced run to part 3 of a coaching course after work (same as last week).

Friday Nov 16th. HRV=67 White

John O'Regan ithlete HRV Fri 16thLunchtime meeting regarding the Siberian Black Ice Race.  Easy paced run of 40 minutes to part 3 of coaching course.  Spent 2-hrs outdoors doing running drills and getting cold.  Had an offer of a lift home and took it.
Plan for tomorrow is same as last week with a 1hr run to part 4 of my coaching course and might run home depending on how I feel.

Saturday Nov 17th. HRV=73 White

As planned with an easy paced run to and from my coaching course.
Plan for tomorrow is an early start for a 65K run along the Royal Canal from Mullingar to Leixlip.

Sunday Nov 18th. HRV=71 White

Up at 3am for a drive to Mullingar to run 65K back along the canal.  Run went as planned and finished without any issues.

Weekly Summary

John O'Regan ithlete HRV weekJohn O'Regan ithlete HRV week & training load
Blue line is starting to curve upwards again and I’m starting to feel like I’m getting back on form.
Plan for next week is to get back into a regular routine and include some speedwork to prepare for a possible 10K cross 

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