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ithlete HRV Training Diary 22-28 October

Monday 22nd October:  HRV = 74
Higher than expected after 3 back to back steady runs and less than adequate recovery over the weekend.  Lunchtime strength session of mostly squats and the lifted weight has increased by 2.5Kg per rep.  Had a Team meeting after work regarding the Black Ice Race and then a running commute home of 20K which wasn’t very enjoyable.  I’d forgotten what it was like to run alongside busy roads in the dark.
Provisional plan for tomorrow is an early strength session of mostly Power Clean and an evening Tempo run making the most of a free hour while my daughter is at training.  My gym session starts at 8am and I’m wondering if it would be counterproductive to run the 20k to the gym?
Tuesday 23rd October: HRV= 74
Again higher than expected after yesterday’s sessions.  Early Gym session which consisted of Power Clean (5 sets of 3 reps at 45Kg), Strict Press (4 sets of 3 reps at 35Kg) and some core work.  Slight increase in my lifted weight and I felt it.  Almost a repeat of last week and just barely managed to fit in a run.  It was late when I got out and had to settle for an easy 5K using a head torch.
Plan for tomorrow is provisionally a lunchtime recovery paced run followed by a running commute home at my Marathon pacing pace and then.
Wednesday 24th October: HRV=69 Amber
Wasn’t expecting this and decided to skip the lunchtime run and instead of my longer commute home I ran a shorter local run of 12K  keeping my HR below 130bpm.
Provisional plan for tomorrow is an early strength session of mostly Deadlifting and my HRV score will determine whether I run or rest.
Thursday 25th October: HRV=65.5 Red
Even though I got Amber yesterday I wasn’t expecting this as I feel fine but this is why I measure my HRV as it gives an advance warning.  Plan for today has changed.  I’ll still do my Gym session but won’t run.  It’s too close to the Marathon to take chances.
Strength Session of 5*3 Deadlift at 60Kg and 3* 10 Squats at 40Kg with some core work.
Friday 26th October: HRV=73
Back to normal but HR seems a bit high so I’ll proceed with caution.
Plan for weekend is undecided and will depend on HRV and muscle fatigue.  I’ll only do what I can recover from as I want to be on form for the Marathon on Monday.
Saturday 27th October: HRV=73.5
Heart Rate back to normal.  Took it easy today as I had too much to do including a visit to the Marathon expo to collect my race number.  Ran 6K at easy pace with 6*1 minute fast.  Clocks go back tonight and I’m looking forward to the lie in.
Sunday 28st October: HRV=76
The signs are good for tomorrow and I now wish I was racing it.  Was asked to run with 2 lads today doing 6 Marathons in 6 days for the Alzheimer’s Society and because of my lie in I ended up running a bit longer than planned.  30K with 6* 1 minute fast to loosen out my legs before meeting the lads.  Back to the expo today to meet some friends.

ithlete HRV Summary

John O'Regan ithlete HRV TrainingA slight dip in my blue (base) line this week and because I know it’s not training related I expect it’s an early warning of a cold / flu.  After getting the Red line on Thursday I adjusted my training because the added responsibility of pacing the Marathon on Monday means I’m committed to run regardless of how I feel. Judging by my HRV result of 76 on Sunday it would seem that I made the right adjustment to my training midweek.
ithlete HRV John O'Regan

For further information check out my ithlete case study.

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