Saturday, December 8, 2012

Training Diary 19 – 25th Nov

Monday Nov 19th. HRV=68 White

Mon HRVA good start to the week and a lot higher than expected as I thought the long day yesterday would have been a bit more stressful on my body but a low TE of 1.8 for the run confirms I was working at the lower end of my Aerobic Zone and can safely continue.  Went for an easy recovery run of just over 7K to assist rather than impede my recovery.
Plan for tomorrow is an early strength session of mainly squats and an evening run with the intensity depending on how I feel and available time.

Tuesday Nov 20th. HRV=70 White

Tues HRVEarly morning strength session consisting of 5 sets of 3 (1 ¼)Squats with 52.5Kg, 3 sets of 3 Strict Press with 37.5Kg and finishing with 2 sets of max chin ups.  No time to run but I probably need the rest anyway.
Plan for tomorrow is 6*1k intervals which I’ll add into my running commute home.

Wednesday Nov 21st. HRV=81 White

Weds HRVWhat a difference a day off makes and this result is just what I want for an interval session day but I can feel the effects of yesterdays strength session so my timing is off.  Decided against the intervals as I think the strength session coupled with the very recent long run might be pushing my luck.  Rather than lose the benefit of today’s high score I did a MAF test (Maximum Aerobic Function) on the track with a set distance of 10K in Heart Rate zone of 137-142 bpm.  Covered the distance in 42:38 with avg HR of 140bpm. Forgot to lap per Km for comparison.
Plan for tomorrow is an early strength session of Power Clean & Deadlifting and a lunchtime Massage. Unsure about my run as I might be stuck for time and don’t know how I’ll feel after massage.

Thursday Nov 22nd. HRV= 78 White

Thurs HRVMy strength coach decided against doing Power Clean when I told him how I was feeling (muscular) and instead I did some upper body work.  Lunchtime massage and I seemed to be a lot worse than expected with both IT bands (illiotibial) very tight.  Walked the pain away and felt reasonably ok by the time I got back to the office.  Decided to run on the track again after finishing my coaching duties as it’s a safe way of testing my post massage recovery, my thinking is I’m never too far from the car if I need to stop.  Used the Garmin (610) with a regular programmed session of 50 minutes @ 145-160bpm.  Finished the session which was comfortably hard with an average HR of 150bpm and went home happy.
Plan for tomorrow will depend on 2 factors. 1. HRV result.  2. When I find out how busy my Saturday will be.

Friday Nov 23rd. HRV=66 Amber

Fri HRVAs expected and the low score is evident of my quality session last night.  Tried a Tempo run during my lunch break as I expect to be busy tomorrow but my run was slowed down by upper body DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).  Almost a rest day.
Plan for tomorrow is an afternoon Tempo run.

Saturday Nov 24th. HRV=83 Green

Sat HRVStress / Rest / Adapt. Excellent Result and shows the difference an easy day can make. Made the most of my available time with a run that included 20 mins Steady State and ran any hill I could see.  Planned the session wrong and spent almost as much time on my cool down getting back to base.
Plan for tomorrow is a 2-3hr run.

Sunday Nov 25th. HRV=75 White

Sun HRVExpected lower and this tells me I didn’t work hard enough yesterday.  Plan has changed accordingly and instead of just going for time on feet I turned it into a session and ran at 145-150 bpm for as long as comfortably possible.  Comparing pace with heart rate I was starting to slow down at 19K and I then decided to head for home as I wanted quality over quantity.  Finished off with 30K in 2hr08 and so ends a great week.

Weekly Summary

Blue line is starting to curve upwards again and I’m starting to feel like I’m getting back on form.  Limited time with good planning and the guidance of ithlete meant 3 quality sessions and continuous improvement.
weekly HRVPlan for next week is a to include a few shorter but faster speed sessions and if time allows I’ll try for a red result by the weekend with a planned overreach before Friday in preparation for a 10K cross country race on Sunday.  Saturday will be a forced rest day due to a meeting.  Confidence is increasing.

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