Thursday, December 27, 2012

Training Diary 17th- 23rd December

Monday Dec 17th. HRV=71 White.

Mon HRVA great result after a tough session yesterday and I put it down to the extra effort I put into my recovery.   Yet again I did the same session as I’ve done for the last 2 Monday’s with similar results.  Session was 16K with the middle 9K @ just under 4mins per K on the Track.
Lower than expected after a rest day and I suspect it’s down to a cumulative fatigue from a heavy week.  I’ll ease back or do similar to last week rather than trying to train harder and I’ll make sure to have a few early nights as sleep is a very important part of the recovery process.  Plan for tomorrow is an early strength session of Squats and Deadlift followed by a lunchtime run of 40 mins.

Tuesday Dec 18th. HRV=65 White.

Tues HRVWoke before the alarm and HRV slightly lower than expected but then again last night was a hard run after a hard run.   Early morning strength session consisting of 5 sets of 3 (1 ¼)Squats with 57.5Kg (+2.5Kg) and 3 sets of 3 Deadlift with 102.5Kg (+2.5kg). Yet again I found this session mentally tough and felt slightly nervous with the weight as I seemed to be thinking about what I’d already done rather than what I was supposed to be doing. I was wondering if last night’s session would mean my legs were too tired for what I’m about to do and that’s something I’ll bear in mind before I consider increasing the intensity or duration of my Monday night session.  Similar run to this time last week but shortened it yet again because all I’m looking for is a training induced response rather than a workout that will slow my recovery and adaption.
Plan for tomorrow is a lunchtime run and I hope to be fit enough to run it fast as it’s the Outsider Magazine Awards night and that could mess up my Thursday plan.  Nominated in the ‘Most Inspirational Person’ category.

Wednesday Dec 19th. HRV=67 White.

Wed HRVA bit lower than expected but probably a good thing as I can feel the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) in my legs.  Feeling a bit lazy about my lunchtime run but because I don’t have a window of opportunity later, I’ll do what I can when I can.  Easy run of 8K in just under 40 minutes, the DOMS are still there but the guilt is gone.  Didn’t win the award but happy to say my Team mate Mark Pollock did and because he wasn’t there I was asked to collect it in his place.  Honoured to be nominated and honoured to accept the award for Mark.  Had a great night and had a chance to mingle with like minded people and meet with some old friends.
Plan for tomorrow is an early strength session of mostly Power Clean and that’s as far as the plan goes.

Thursday Dec 20th. HRV= 67 White.

Thurs HRVFeeling a bit tender this morning after a late night and early morning, had a few pints but avoided the takeaway and drank a bottle of coconut water before going to bed.  Have a sore head and the DOMS.  .  HRV higher than I was expecting but resting heart rate is also higher but could be a lot worse. Early morning strength session of 5*3 Power Clean with 45Kg (-3) and 3*3 Strict Press with 35Kg (-2).  Dropped the weight slightly as my concentration levels were low and when doing an exercise like Power Clean you need to be switched on.  Don’t feel like doing a lunchtime run.
Plan for tomorrow is an evening run if time allows with the intensity depending on my HRV result.

Friday Dec 21st. HRV=75 Green.

Fri HRVA good result but might not get the chance to make the most of it as it’s a busy day but I’ll be ready to run if the window of opportunity presents itself!  Lunchtime meeting with ‘Team Mark Pollock’ regarding logistics for the Siberian Black Ice Race.  As expected the run didn’t happen.
Plan for tomorrow is an early run followed by a 3-hr drive to start my Christmas break.

Saturday 22nd Dec HRV =67 White.

Sat HRVLower than expected.  Decided to do the Parkrun again as a short fast run is sometimes more beneficial than a slower longer run and it’ll wake me up ahead of a long drive. Barely made it to the venue on time and my warm up was nothing more than a short jog to the start line. Took off with the lead runners and the pace felt very comfortable which had me wondering if I should push on to force a faster pace but I took the easy option and just stayed with the pack. The course itself was almost cross country as a result of recent heavy rain and there were many muddy puddles to run through and in parts it was quite slippy. At 4K we were running as a group of 5 and then it opened up and just like before I couldn’t follow the sprint. Finished in 4th place with 18.10 and 3 seconds improvement on last time. Next time I won’t be as cautious.  Followed the race with a  5hr drive that should have only taking 3hrs and missed my dinner. Not happy but that’s life.
Plan for tomorrow is a medium to long run at an easy pace.

Sunday 23rd Dec HRV =59 Amber.

sun HRVWasn’t expecting this but then again yesterday was far from ideal. Decided not to run but re-tested a few hours later to see how my recovery was coming along and to my surprise got a result of 91. Went for a run but felt heavy in the legs so it might not have been a good idea.  On the plus side it helps keep the weight in check and that’s important over the Christmas period.

Weekly Summary

www.alanrowlette.ieThis week I also accepted the award for Mark Pollock at the Outsider ‘People of the Year’ awards.
Plan for next week is to include a group training session with Team Mark Pollock.
weekly HRV

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