Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let the Taper begin..

With Eoin Keith Connemara 20111.

Getting the Taper right can be the hardest part of a training programme and the trick is to do just enough without doing too much. Looking back over my training diary and the build up to previous 24-hr races I noticed that last year I took part in the Trail World Championships only 2 weeks before the Energia 24-hr race in Belfast and that seemed to work well so today I took the opportunity to do my last long training run with Eoin Keith along the Dublin & Wicklow Mountain way. 

J.B Malone  memorial. Photo Alan Rowlette.

My plan for next week is a sports massage and at least one track session of 4*1K intervals with race paced runs on other days of up to 1 hour and I'll avoid any routes with hills.

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