Sunday, August 5, 2012

Peaking again. Again.

In anticipation of my next race I'm midway through a 2 week peak which consists of a high volume week at low intensity followed by a lower volume week of higher intensity finishing with a 5K race.  Recovery since the 24-hr race has gone very well and thats one of the benefits of not getting caught up in a race especially when there's a race of more importance so close.  Heart Rate profiles in the attached are not exact as there were quite a few unexplained peaks & troughs.

This run was a recce for  Sunday's run as I needed to work out timing and distance to join up with my club mates doing a shorter trail run as it meant a lift home.


Mentally & Physically this was a tough run as I ran it on tired legs following Saturday's run with deadlines to meet.  Very happy with how it went and finished knowing I could have kept going.  I'll decide what I do tomorrow when I wake up.

Donadea 5K.  27/07/12
Attached photo from a recent race thanks to James Shelley of LeCheile AC.  I ran this race during my recovery and was hoping to finish in approx 20 minutes running by feel.  I wasn't sure what to expect so soon after the 24-hr race but after 1K I felt good and stayed steady but didn't get carried away.  Approaching 4K I decided to push a bit and then got caught in a race with another guy and we stayed with each other until the last 400M and I happily crossed the finish line in 18:07.  Not a PB but better than expected and a sign that my recovery has gone well.

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