Sunday, July 25, 2010


The Spartathlon route is quite hilly and includes a mountainous climb of 980M after checkpoint 47 at 153K and with this in mind I decided to hit the mountains for a run and start working on a suitable training route to simulate the climb as much as possible.  The end result was a 22.5K run with 860M of ascent compared with 980M over 13K for the Spartathlon.  It's close but the shorter distance of 13K means the climbs are steeper and that usually means a steeper descent and less recovery time.  For the moment I'll settle for this route because of the short travel time to and from but I will try to get at least 2 other mountain runs completed with a bit more climbing and maybe even try today's route at night.

Apart from the very enoyable end to the week it didn't all go to plan and included 1 forced rest day at a cost of 24 K and a shortened semi long run at the weekend.  On the plus side I did manage to run 6 good quality sessions and gave myself a good benchmark to measure future weeks against.

Some of my race kit arrived this weeks thanks to Salomon and the testing has begun.  I've also gone Metric so my distance for this week is 120K.

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