Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let the training begin!

Two days after receiving my acceptance letter I started a weeks holiday and an immediate interruption to my race preparation but that's life.  I made some quick changes to my packing to optimistically  have a spare set of kit for everyday just in case I had the opportunity to train without the chance to get the gear washed and dried.
The week started with a 10 mile run before leaving home and ended with a 21 mile run just after arriving home and included a run every day of at least 9 miles.

The plan from now is to run roughly 100 miles per week which will include a back to back long run on Saturday and Sunday.  Mid week runs will average 10 miles alternating between an easy and slightly harder pace but still aerobic (comfortably hard).  I'll run double days as often as I can by fitting in a short easy lunchtime run of less than 5 miles and won't be planning rest days as they usually happen for some unplanned reason.  I've found that I can do without rest days when I make sure to vary the intensity of sessions.
I'll be using my heart rate to determine effort rather than running at a set pace and my planned session might change depending on my recovery from the previous session.  I'll post more on this in a few days time.  Train hard but train smart..

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