Friday, July 9, 2010

Back to business and just in time

The Anglo Celtic plate didn't go according to plan but I was happy with my finish time of 9hrs13min seeing as I went into it unrecovered from Brive with tired and cranky legs. I went through the first 50K on schedule in 4hr08min at an almost even 8 min mile pace but then my hamstring started to tighten up yet again and that meant a few too many stops to stretch and try loosen it out. Running the second half of the race was a good test of mental strength and because the mind plays a very important part in Ultra Running it's good to get these opportunities to train it.

As an Ultra Runner it's good to know that those distances are in my legs and on the plus side I have now confirmed my hamstring as being a weak link and have since done a few personal training sessions with John Belton of

Training volume is almost back where I want it to be and it's just in time because yesterday I received my acceptance letter for The Spartathlon. I was excited yesterday and now I'm nervous, there's only 10 training weeks between now and what will without doubt be my toughest race yet.

Over the coming weeks I will log a brief description of my training and maybe I'll get round to writing up that race report for the 24-hr World Championships and the Anglo Celtic Plate.

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